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At Max Life Insurance, we understand that people have differentiated needs even when it comes to protecting and securing the future of their loved ones financially. Therefore, offering only a lump sum as sum assured on the unfortunate demise of the bread winner of the family can never be the definitive answer to securing their family’s future. That is why we have designed a one-of-its-kind term plan that gives three distinct death benefit options to choose from.

Max Life Online Term Plan Plus is designed to take care of the worries that you might have when it comes to your family’s protection when you are not around. Be it about finding a protection solution for them at an affordable price. Or about giving them an extra cushion to take care of their everyday needs. Or about making sure that your loved ones’ needs and aspirations are taken care of despite increasing costs and expenses. Be rest assured that when you insure with us, you will put your fears to rest.

A Unique Term Insurance Plan with three death benefit options


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  • Choose Cover Option


    We advise you to choose an option as per your need. Do go through the basic features of all the three options before making a final decision.

  • Gender


    Your gender is an important factor in deciding the life insurance premium as it is directly related to life expectancy

  • Date of Birth


    You must be between 18 - 60 years of age to be eligible for this policy. Please enter your correct date of birth in order to get an accurate premium amount.

  • Tobacco Consumption


    Choose yes if, in the last three years, you have consumed any Tobacco/Nicotine products which include Cigarette, Beedi, Cigar, Gutka, Flavoured Pan Masala, Khaini, etc. If not then you are classified as a non smoker.

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Need help to calculate cover amount you need?

Adequacy of your insurance cover is of utmost importance. Get an estimate of the protection cover you actually need.

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