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Term Plans are the simplest way of getting yourself insured these days. Getting an insurance should not be considered the same as making an investment, as it provides security and cover to your family, which gives you great relief and an assurance that your loved ones will be provided for and taken care of even when you are no longer in this world. This, along with low premium of term plans has made them extremely popular amongst various sections across the society.

The annual premium for Online Term Insurance starts for as little as Rs. 2800 for a young, fit, and healthy individual. There are term plans with different kind of returns available and depending on the kind of plan you choose, the premium can vary for a person of similar health conditions as mentioned above. The annual premium paid by you depends on a number of other factors such as your family record of health, susceptibility to certain diseases, smoking habits, frequency of alcohol consumption, lifestyle habits such as indulgence in adventure sports, etc.

At the time of purchasing your policy, you need to mention all these details honestly and accurately about the current and past medical conditions, as any discrepancies found at a later stage than the provided information can lead to rejection of the claim applied by your family. For Online Term Insurance the buyer has to undergo a medical test, that may be required, or you may be asked to meet an agent of the company in person, after which the final quote of your policy can be prepared.

Max Whole Life Super Plan (UIN: 104N080V03) is a Traditional Participating Whole Life Insurance Plan.
Max Life Super Term Plan (UIN: 104N086V02) is a Traditional, Non - Participating, Regular Pay Term Insurance Plan.
Life Insurance coverage is available in these products.

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    We advise you to choose an option as per your need. Do go through the basic features of all the three options before making a final decision.

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    Your gender is an important factor in deciding the life insurance premium as it is directly related to life expectancy

  • Date of Birth


    You must be between 18 - 60 years of age to be eligible for this policy. Please enter your correct date of birth in order to get an accurate premium amount.

  • Tobacco Consumption


    Choose yes if, in the last three years, you have consumed any Tobacco/Nicotine products which include Cigarette, Beedi, Cigar, Gutka, Flavoured Pan Masala, Khaini, etc. If not then you are classified as a non smoker.

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