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Online Term Plans

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Did you know

Max Life Online Term Plan is the only online term plan that offers Level Monthly Income option and Increasing Monthly Income option along with Lumpsum Sum Assured as death benefits.


At Max Life Insurance, we understand that people have differentiated needs even when it comes to protecting and securing the future of their loved ones financially. Therefore, offering only a lump sum as sum assured on the unfortunate demise of the bread winner of the family can never be the definitive answer to securing their family’s future. That is why we have designed a one-of-its-kind term plan that gives three distinct death benefit options to choose from.

Max Life Online Term plan is designed to take care of the worries that you might have when it comes to your family’s protection when you are not around. Be it about finding a protection solution for them at an affordable price. Or about giving them an extra cushion to take care of their everyday needs. Or about making sure that your loved ones’ needs and aspirations are taken care of despite increasing costs and expenses. Be rest assured that when you insure with us, you will put your fears to rest.

A Unique Term Plan with three death benefit options


Before you get started, you will need to know

Why choose a term plan?

The support you extend to your loved ones needs to hold up even when you are not around. By choosing a term plan, you

  • Protect them from unexpected financial burden
  • Support them in their future endeavours
  • Assist in living without compromises

How to choose a term plan?

Assessing your financial requirements would help you in choosing the right term plan.

  • Identify the capital-intensive expenses
  • Factor in the number of dependents and their capability to handle finances
  • Consider outstanding loans & mortgages

When is the right time to buy a Term Plan?

The sooner one begins the better. Purchasing a cover the moment you begin earning a steady income is a good way to start.


Make the right choice. Protect your loved ones

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