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Vikas Gujral Vikas Gujral
Executive Vice President
& Head - Operations & Customer Service
Vikas Gujral is part of the Senior Leadership team at Max Life Insurance. He has been with Max Life for over 11 years. In his current role he is responsible for end to end Customer Service, Claims settlement, Customer Retention, Branch Operations and Underwriting etc. Under his leadership, Max Life has established a leadership position in the areas of Claims settlement, Persistency and Surrender rates etc.Vikas is passionate about the Life Insurance industry in general and specifically on topics like Service Excellence and CRM.
Do not expose the future of
your family by letting your life
insurance policy lapse
Buying a life insurance policy is one of the most important decisions you take. The importance of this decision emanates from the fact that it protects the dreams and aspirations of your loved ones. However, the decision to buy is just a great beginning.
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Why do policyholders let their policy lapse?How to revive a lapsed policy? The good news is that a lapsed policy can be revived. If your policy has lapsed, you can
submit a request to the insurer to request for a revival.
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How to avoid lapsation of policy?
1. Auto pay by credit card. 2. The ECS Option. 3. Change the premium frequency.
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Life insurance is a financial instrument that is a must have for individual’s and their family. So that the policyholders do not lose their policy benefits, Insurance companies float revival campaigns as many as 2-3 times in a single year to get lapsed policies renewed easily. It is advisable not to let such opportunities pass, and to approach your insurer for chalking out an easier way to meet your commitment. Rather than making the mistake of letting your policy lapse and putting the financial future of your loved ones in jeopardy, it is better that you pay the premiums on time and continue to enjoy the policy benefits for the full term of the policy.
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