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How To Choose A Growth Plan


Dreams need to be planned to turn them into reality. Life Insurance acts as an ideal tool to create long term wealth and provide protection through the term of the policy. Based on your risk appetite and gestation period, your wealth can be multiplied with a smart mix of savings options.

Though each plan is unique, certain important factors that one must keep in mind while selecting a wealth creation plan are:

(a) When and what is the expected requirement:*

There has to be a long term goal in mind that can be fulfilled with the amount you get on plan maturity. Start early so that you have time to build a considerable amount of money. For example, if you intend to purchase a house or pay for your child’s education with the insurance maturity proceeds, you need to define that at the beginning of the plan.

(b) Features offered by the plan:*

All plans have different characteristics. And wealth creation plans offer you the flexibility of customising your plans as per your goals. See if you are eligible for withdrawing money in the middle of the policy term without losing out on the benefits. Also, you can decide or get expert help to choose the investment mix.

A unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) is a type of life insurance where the cash value of a policy varies according to the current net asset value of the underlying investment assets.

(a) Disciplined savings:
Growth plans work as your long term savings instrument because they provide you with the unique feature that encourages goal-based and disciplined savings behaviour over a long term.

(b) Capital growth:
Find out if the plan invests in a diversified portfolio and tackles market volatilities by creating wealth over time. Based on your life stage, your plan should provide investment strategies that maximise your returns potential.

(c) Flexibility :
As per your long term savings needs, you should look for a plan that lets you choose the life cover, policy tenure, investment strategy, and premium payment term, thus providing you with flexibility.

A comparison of the free switches and redirection of investments permissible in a year gives you the freedom to plan your finances better.


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