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Before you get started, you will need to know

Why choose a protection plan?

A regular source of income provides a sense of security for you and your family in the present, but the future has to be secured too. So, you need a protection plan to -

  • Safeguard the future of your family
  • Maintain a comfortable lifestyle in absence of a regular income
  • Let your dreams be unrestrained

How to choose a protection plan?

See to it that your family is able to avoid financial strains, if an unwanted, unpredictable situation strikes.

  • Get an approximate picture of the premium amount you would be comfortable parting with
  • Determine your long term goals
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When is the right time?

The right time is the very moment you start caring for your family. The younger you start, the better your cover and plan conditions would be.


A life cover that lets you sleep in peace

Family Protection Plans

Sparing some money at a young age goes a long way in securing a comfortable life in the future. Insurance plans provide a comprehensive cover that takes care of any contingencies. It works not just for you but for your family too.

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Dream life

A dream life is built with proper planning over a long term. Take a life insurance policy that protects your and your family’s future without hampering your present. So, there will be no compromises, no hindrances and no dilemmas.

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Calculate the amount of insurance you need

Adequacy of your insurance cover is of utmost importance. Get an estimate of the protection cover you actually need.

Insurance Calculator

Calculate your mortality risk

Your lifestyle choices affect your lifespan. Use this tool to find out and maintain your healthy habits and rectify the risky ones.

Mortality Risk Calculator


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