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Life's always meant to be a happy journey. However, it can soon turn into a struggle if we fail to plan our finances in advance. As the rate of inflation goes up, it could very well be a spoke in the wheel by eroding your purchasing power and making the ride less comfortable for you and your family.

Which is why, it's imperative that we keep our money in the right areas so that it gets a chance to grow. Max Life Insurance offers you a host of Life Insurance Savings and Growth plans that make your money work for you while you sit back in the driver's seat and enjoy the ride.

Our range of savings plans


Before you get started, you will need to know

Why choose a savings plan?

Insurance acts as a secure tool to maximise your savings and offer that much-needed protection.

  • Savings plan takes care of market conditions and secures your investments.
  • It is a systematic and sure way of fulfilling dreams.
  • It gets you better returns.

How to choose a savings plan

Choose a plan that provides cover for a specific period and makes you eligible for bonuses and more.

  • See if you are able to switch and reinvest your investment options
  • Choose a plan that allows partial withdrawals while retaining the benefits
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When is the right time?

You can start saving at any point of time. It is good to instill the habit in kids too. The earlier you start saving, the bigger will be your earnings.


Save a penny and reap a pound

Long term goals

Regular and structured savings go a long way in fulfilling your dreams. You just have to determine the goal and the right insurance plan will chart out a plan for your goal realisation.

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Insurance and Tax Savings

An insurance plan acts as a very efficient tool for saving on taxes. Your investments help you protect on taxes too.

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