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Corporate Social Responsibility

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Max Life Insurance believes that as a corporate it has a responsibility to engage with the society. This engagement goes beyond providing right products for their needs and being ethical and honest in our business practices. Max Life Insurance started a new employee volunteering initiative - 'Pehal'. The initiative was formally launched with a cleanliness drive around the DLF Square building (DLF Phase II) with a motto to awaken each employee to contribute to the society and providing them with the opportunity to do so. 'Pehal' has become a part of numerous community service activities and has brought together all like-minded colleagues together who believed in making a meaningful difference in the society. We started with 250 volunteers and today we have more than 2000 volunteers across Max Life. Some of the initiatives which were pursued through this initiative were in the areas of Literacy, Healthcare, Environment, and Skill Development.

  • Healthcare - Max Life Insurance organises health and immunisation camps, provides for artificial limbs and polio caliper through camps across the country. In addition, surgeries and treatment support is provided to patients who cannot afford the treatment. The company also runs six health centers between the states of Delhi, Uttarkhand and Punjab, which are responsible for conducting health awareness and training programmes.
    • Immunization and Health Camps
      Max Life Insurance has provided health services to over 5.25 lakh people since start of these camps in 2008. So far, over 4.5 lakh patients have been provided consultation and medicines through more than 1,700 health camps organised by Max Life Insurance along with Max India Foundation, Max Healthcare and other health service providers and doctors. During FY17, 150 immunization camps were organized benefitting 12,189 children. 19,849 immunization vaccines were administered during these camps. During this period, 769 health camps were organized which benefited 2,08,071 people.

      Max India Foundation, the implementation partner of Max Life Insurance, has recently purchased a mobile medical unit which will be utilised for conducting immunisation and health camps.
    • Surgeries and treatments - Max Life Insurance provided medical support for treatment and surgeries to financially weak patients. Since inception, more than 6,600 patients have been provided best of medical treatment through the financial support provided by the company. During FY17, 1,588 cases of surgeries and treatments were supported by Max Life Insurance.
    • Artificial Limbs & Polio Callipers - Max India Foundation has been organising Artificial Limbs and Polio Caliper camps which are supported by Max Life Insurance. In addition, the company provides financial support to NGOs who are working in these area. The company realises the difference it is able to bring to the life of children and adults by helping them walk without any support. Over the past decade, 4,864 people have been provided artificial limbs.
    • Healthcare Centers - Max Life Insurance supported six health centers, one each in Ukhimath, Dehradun, Mussorie (all in Uttarakhand) and Rail Majra (Punjab) and two in Delhi. In addition, the company supported home visit programme conducted by ‘Can Support’ for palliative care. Through these health centres 2,08,007 patients were provided medical care since 2008.
    • Awareness Project
      Max Life Insurance believes that awareness about the causes of a disease is the most decisive step towards creating a healthy society. From time to time Max Life Insurance organises health and environment awareness programmes. Cancer awareness, anti-tobacco awareness, awareness about seasonal diseases like dengue and the role environment protection can play in our well-being, mentioned are the few key themes of these awareness projects.

      During the Financial Year 2017, Max Life Insurance supported several NGOs in carrying out awareness programmes. The company also engaged with NGOs for training of Trained Birth Attendants and General Duty Attendants.
  • Village Adoption:
    Max Life Insurance adopted Dhakrani village in Dehradun district in Uttrakhand in 2015. The village adoption programme was formally inaugurated by Sh. Harish Rawat, the then Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on 3rd July 2015. Max Life Insurance and Max India Foundation identified healthcare, sanitation, safe drinking water and environment protection as the immediate needs. In this large village of around 13,000 residents, the company with the help of its NGO partners organises regular OPDs and multi-speciality health camps. In case, any of the patients require further consultation and treatment, they are referred to Max Multi-Specialty Hospital in Dehradun.

    During the year FY17, the company organised 11 multi-speciality health camps with support from Max Healthcare and 18 immunization camps in the village with 2,796 and 1,223 beneficiaries respectively. The company also organised bi-weekly health camps, one each in Upper Dhakrani and Lower Dhakrani, through Bella Healthcare. During the year 100 camps were organised which benefited 3,947 women and children. Awareness programme is also run along with these health camps which covered 5,289 people.

    Solid waste management was initiated and waste bins were distributed to all households of the village. Daily waste collection, segregated in organic and inorganic waste, is also organised. A small amount is collected as charges for waste collection and the money so collected is used in the village development. Community waste bins have also been put up in village streets. Segregation of waste has also been implemented with dry waste like plastic is being recycled and organic waste being converted into compost. The process of composting has started with installation of trommel machine during the year.

    Max Life Insurance also decided to offer a permanent solution to sanitation needs of the village and decided to lay a network of sewage pipelines and treatment plants. This programme has been divided in five phases. The sewage pipelines have been laid in the first phase and will be soon connected to sewage treatment plant. The second and third phase of sanitation programme, involves laying out of 62,100 feet of sewerage pipelines and connecting those with sewage treatment plant has been completed. So far around 1,000 households covered in these two phases are now connected to sewer lines.

    The employees and agent advisors of Max Life Insurance conduct regular financial literacy and insurance awareness camps in the village. The employees and agents visit households and explain to them the benefits of financial planning, the feature of financial products and also conduct need analysis to help the households with their financial needs.
  • Healthcare:
    During the Financial Year 2016-17, Max Life Insurance initiated financial literacy and insurance awareness programme for school students. During the year, camps were organised in 22 schools in Gurugram, Jammu and Srinagar in which 3,359 students of class 9-12 participated. We also did donation of sports equipment, books for library along with computers and a projector to Govt. Middle school.

    In addition, the company promoted financial literacy and insurance awareness through mass media programming also in which members of senior management provided relevant information to both in-studio audience and consumers at large through telecast of the programme on leading business channel.
  • Pehal - Employees Volunteering Programme of Max Life Insurance
    Max Life Insurance believes that it is important for our employees to connect with society at large and contribute towards the causes which are important for the society. With an aim to bring together like minded employees of Max Life Insurance on one platform to make a meaningful change to the society, Max Life Insurance launched Pehal, an employees volunteering programme in May 2016. Since then more than 2,000 employees of the company have participated in various activities organised by the company.
    • Max Life Insurance supported training centres in 5 villages of Gurugram district. Max Life Insurance provided equipment such as computers, projectors, screens, digital cameras, computer tables and chairs. These training centres are utilised for conducting training programmes to help the participants be gainfully employed.
    • Employees of Max Life Insurance also engaged in tree plantation in the cities of Gurugram, Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur, Bikaner, Alwar and Gwalior. Employees of 66 offices of the company collected material such as clothes, toys and stationary and distributed those to underprivileged children. Max Life also supported country-wide cycle trip of one of our women agent and her cycling partner from Patna office to promote women safety. These two women travelled more than 10,000 kilometres passing through 21 states of the country.
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We have never faltered on our rural and social policies' commitment since inception.


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