Key Management Persons

The pillars that support us


Mr. Prashant Tripathy

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer


Mr. V. Viswanand

Deputy Managing Director


Mr. Rahul Talwar 

SVP & Chief Marketing Officer


Mr. Amitabh Lal Das

Director and Head - Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs


Mr. Mihir Vora

Director & Chief Investment Officer


Mr. Shailesh Singh

Director & Chief People Officer


Mr. Jose John

Director & Appointed Actuary


Mr. Manu Lavanya

Director & Chief Operations Officer


Mr. Sachin Saxena

EVP Enterprise Risk Management & Chief Risk Officer


Mr. Amrit Singh

Chief Financial Officer and EVP & Head – Strategy


Mr. Jogesh Sikka

SVP & Chief Compliance Officer


Mr. Anurag Chauhan

EVP Head Legal & Company Secretary