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Self Employed As Agents

Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Max Life Insurance offers you the double advantage of starting your own business as well as enjoying financial support and security. Get the best of both worlds with this unique opportunity as we help you move forward on your journey to success.

Key AreasSmall Business OwnerMax Life Insurance agent
Your own businessHandling all the responsibilities of paying bills, hiring vendors, training employees, complying with regulations - an endless list.We provide a foundation for your business. Max Life Insurance supports you from day one.
Start-up costsInvesting huge amounts of monies from your own pocket.You have to cover just the cost of stationery and your time.
CompensationThe balance amount after the bills are paid.Unlimited income opportunity. Earn a competitive income and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve.
Schedule7 days week and 24 hours a day.Flexible schedule to fit your life's demands
Making a
in people's lives
Not applicable in most cases.You help people achieve financial security in their lives.
TrainingSelf-training or paying thousands of rupees for training, which would be difficult to accommodate.In-depth training enables new agents to hit the ground running. In addition to an extensive formal training program, Max Life Insurance offers eligible, qualified new agents training allowances. We also offer one-on-one coaching and development, and managers and trainers help agents achieve continued growth.
Support for your businessYou find and pay for consultants and expert advice.You have many resources available to you through the varied support systems of Max Life Insurance.
Promoting your businessYou have to promote it yourself.Our extensive branding/advertising enhances your business.
SatisfactionPride in your own business.Pride in your own business and being connected with a company known for its humanity, integrity and financial strength.
There is no defined career path and no process for promotions either.You have the opportunity to move into Management in a variety of positions in sales, training and operations or expand your franchisee through Agency Associate Program.
Did You Know

The agent advisor career opportunity helps you build your retirement portfolio.


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