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What Makes Us Different

Why Us?

Selection Process
Our selection process is designed to help the candidate and the organisation make a decision in their best interests. At each step of the process, you learn more about your career and we learn more about you.

Training Programme
Our training programme for agents is one of the finest in the industry. It includes on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and one-on-one coaching and is designed to guide you throughout your career. We have a professional trainer in every office whose sole job is to train and guide our new agents.

Our Products
It is a matter of great pride that our products have always been rated amongst the best in the industry. These products have been developed after extensive research of the Indian market and are designed to meet an individual's needs at every life stage.

Agent's Contract
Agent's contract is designed to attract the best talent and retain them for a long time by compensating them generously. As an agent, you can count on the support of Max Life Insurance at all times to help you earn a good income today and create a secure retirement for tomorrow.

High-Tech Environment
Max Life Insurance is committed to working in a high-tech environment. We provide the top level of service to our clients and agents.

Rewards and Recognition
Our rewards and recognition platform is unmatched in the industry. National and international trips every year, annual and monthly reward programmes and exciting incentives are our major highlights. Not only are our agents proud to show off their plaques, but many have also taken their families on trips abroad.

Did You Know

The agent advisor career opportunity can help you build a business that can be passed on to future generations as a legacy.


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