From Critical Illness to Holistic Wellness - The Yoga Way

At the core of Indian culture lies the holistic and ancient practice of Yoga - a term that has become synonymous with our country across the globe.

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At the core of Indian culture lies the holistic and ancient practice of Yoga - a term that has become synonymous with our country across the globe. From boosting the health to relieving stress, Yoga not just improves your strength but your well-being, too.

Luckily, you don't have to be a Yoga expert to reap its mental and physical benefits. Adding just a few simple asanas to your everyday routine can help your health in all kinds of surprising ways.

The truth be told, the benefits of Yoga go far beyond just enhancing a sense of self or healing emotional wounds. Yoga is also the answer to most lifestyle health woes of this century as it effectively manages and prevents rampant lifestyle disorders, including critical illnesses.

Therefore, it's only wise to take out those ‘Yoga Mats’ and do some Yoga regularly. After all, it can all translate into inhaling good future and exhaling illnesses out of your life.

Preventing Critical Illnesses – The Yoga Way

The modern world is facing an epidemic of lifestyle ailments that require changes to be made willfully by individuals themselves. Yoga has potential in the management and prevention of widespread lifestyle disorders. Here’s how:

1. The ‘Yogic lifestyle’ helps you to strengthen yourself and develop positive health

2. It enables you to withstand stress better

And as stress is the root cause of major lifestyle diseases, the benefits achieved by optimizing the reaction to stress and releasing the pent-up stress efficiently plays a major role in disease prevention.

Yoga and Cardiovascular Diseases

The soothing exercise of Yoga helps to manage and prevent heart diseases. Which is why stepping onto that ‘Yoga Mat’ is one of the best things you can do for your heart.

Many studies have found that Yoga enhances cardiovascular wellbeing in various ways, from reducing stress and controlling hypertension to reducing disease-causing inflammation and calming the nervous system.

Yoga likewise improves lung function and circulation, and may even decrease heart disease risk as efficiently as cycling and brisk walking. That’s good news for Yoga practitioners of all levels - from first-timers and advanced practitioners to heart patients, who can effectively embrace Yoga as apart of an overall treatment plan.

Yoga and Cancer

When it comes to cancer prevention, breathing techniques (pranayama), asanas, and yogic diet do wonderful things inside your body to strengthen your immune system and major organs against cancer.

Most importantly, by counteracting stress (one of the risk factors for cancer), Yoga enhances positivity by regulating negative emotions. Also, through various Yoga postures, you can effectively curb obesity – one of the major causes of cancer – and thereby, maintain a healthier lifestyle that decreases the chances of its development.

Yoga likewise increases secretion of melatonina hormone which is effective at eliminating cancer cells and also helps in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Yoga and Chronic Kidney Disease

Yoga works effectively to reduce hypertension and diabetes, which are the most widely recognized causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. Similarly, Yoga has also been proven to reduce psychological stress and cell and tissue damage in chronic diseases as well as general symptoms like the pain associated with chronic kidney disease and fatigue.

Apart from the benefits of Yoga in preventing and managing critical illnesses, regular practice also helps in managing conditions like:

1. Insomnia

2. Diabetes

3. Back or joint pain

4. Digestive troubles

5. High blood pressure

This translates to a fortified immune system that is better able to prevent diseases.

Insure Against the Devil of Critical Illnesses

Making healthy lifestyle changes, and practicing Yoga regularly can go a long way in bringing down the risk of critical illnesses. However, these diseases often strike their ugly head in unexpected ways. An important step, therefore, is also to stay financially prepared at all times against all life eventualities.

For this purpose, Max Life Term Insurance Plans have an option of “Accelerated Critical Illness Rider” that is available on payment of additional premium and is aimed at providing financial strength to you and your dear ones in case of a critical illness-related contingency.

Because, not only critical illnesses like cancer and heart diseases are worrisome, their treatment can be a financial burden for the entire family. The good thing is, when it comes to treatment, at least you can make adequate preparations by purchasing this rider. The Accelerated Critical Illness benefit covers you against as many as 40 critical illnesses.

The idea is that you have a lump sum amount paid out of your rider option availed, which can be used for the treatment cost. Thus, offering you the peace of mind knowing that you are financially prepared for the worst.

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