Term Plan to Tackle Life's Bouncers

Secure your family's financial future against life's uncertainities

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A Beautiful Life

Life is a wonderful experience, filled with beautiful memories. From the time you arrive in the world, till you bid it farewell, your journey is one of many ups and downs. It becomes even more special when shared with your loved ones.

It could begin with an innocent crush in your teens and as you mature, you start understanding about the person you want. Very little compares to the feeling of finding someone with whom you want to grow old, and nurture a family along the way.

Living in a World of Uncertainty

Unfortunately, no matter how diligently we plan, life has a tendency to throw curveballs at us. The diagnosis of a terminal illness, sudden accident etc; such things can shatter your dreams for yourself and your loved ones.

The scenario is bleak especially in today’s age. Our fast paced and hectic lives leave us with very little time, leading to negligence towards health. As a result, lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise. 20 lack Indians suffer from a heart attack each year, with a majority of the patients being youngsters.

Keep The Happiness Alive

Do not let your happiness be dictated by life’s uncertainties. It is always prudent to plan and stay one step ahead of unfortunate occurrences. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep ailments at bay, it is also important to protect your dependents financially. Invest in an insurance policy such as Max Life’s Online Term Plan Plus, and secure your loved ones’ future.

With a strong financial plan in place, you can tackle life’s bouncers without any worries.



MAX LIFE ONLINE TERM PLAN PLUS (UIN - 104N092V04). A  Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Pure Risk Life Insurance Plan Life Insurance coverage is available in this product. This plan is a pure term insurance plan that provides only death benefit and no maturity or surrender benefit.

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