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Open Electronic Insurance Account – the simpler way to managing your life insurance policies.

Now say good bye to all the paper hassles that come with managing your life insurance policies. Switch to the E-Insurance Account (eIA) that allows you to manage all your policies on a single, secure online window. Now go ahead, open your own eIA at no cost and experience the simplicity for yourself!

Key features

  • View and manage all your insurance policies online
  • No risk or damage of physical policy
  • Submit KYC documents only once for all your insurance policies
  • Single view of policies across life insurance companies

How to open an eIA?

To open your electronic Insurance Account

For additional information on Insurance Repositories, you may check the following links:

For any further clarification regarding Electronic Insurance Account please read the FAQs

Did you know

You can contribute to a greener environment by opting for Green Mail by just sending an SMS - Green to 5616155.


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