Escalation Matrix

Escalation Matrix shows you how to escalate your issues if you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to you.

Learn about the escalation matrix regarding your queries and complaints resolution.

For Online Plans queries/complaints:

For your queries regarding your Online Plans purchase –

 For your complaints regarding your Online Plans purchase –

 For delayed response regarding solution –

 For unsatisfactory response, you can escalate to –


For Offline Plans queries/complaints

For your unresolved queries regarding your Offline Plans purchase –

For escalating to Head Customer Service –

If your query has not been resolved to your satisfaction after Step 1, you can escalate your complaint to Head Customer Service. We have a Grievance Redressal Officer to examine customer issues and provide an impartial resolution. For speedy resolution, please mention the reference number of your query.

  • Step 3: Insurance Ombudsman

In case, you are still not satisfied with the resolution provided to you, you can write to the Insurance ombudsman in the formats given below. Send them to your local Insurance ombudsman office.

Annexure VI - Letter to be received from Ombudsman

Annexure VI-A  Complaint Format

Annexure VII-A Consent Letter for Mediation