Get SMS Updates

Get Updates Through SMS

Receive all your policy-related updates anytime on your mobile device through SMS. 

Some of the benefits of using this service include:

  • View your policy information instantly & conveniently through your mobile
  • Instant logging of complaints and queries
  • Upfront receipt of the ticket number


You can start receiving updates now.

Send an SMS in the following format: Short code <space> policy number and send it to 5616188 or 9871010012.

You can choose a short code from the table below to know the list of services supported through SMS. 


Short code Details
PR <policy number> Premium receipt duplicate
NAV <policy number> NAV
LAP <policy number> Last amount paid
Status <policy number> Policy status
FV <policy number> Fund value
Due date <policy number> Policy due date
CS <policy number> Premium paid certificate
US <policy number> Unit statement
NEFT <policy number> IFSC code: HSBC0110002, Bank Branch: HSBC Barakhamba Road Delhi, Beneficiary name: Max Life Insurance, a/c number:1165 followed by your policy number
SWIFT <policy number> Beneficiary Name - Max Life Insurance Company Ltd, Beneficiary Account Number - 1165 <XXXXXXXXX> (1165 followed by 9 Digit Policy Number), Swift Code – HSBCINBB