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Protect your Policy

It is important to protect your policy from unscrupulous individuals offering false promises of financial gain. These spurious phone calls and/or fictitious/ fraudulent offers are made by people who claim to be representing Max Life Insurance, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) or any other government agency.

Please do not share any personal information or the information and documents related to your life insurance policy with any unknown individuals. IRDA or Max Life Insurance will never advise you to do so.

What are they saying to mislead you?

  • Your agent has left the organization and there is a bonus declared in the policy
  • Your old policy is going in losses and you can take a new policy and the money will get transferred
  • I am calling from the Insurance department regarding your policy
  • You can take a new policy and all the commission which is given to your agent in the old policy will be transferred to your account.
  • The caller also sometimes states that he is calling from IRDA and there are pending bonuses which is there with the company and the policy holder will only receive if he pays an "x" amount.
  • The company is in losses and he can switch the policy to a new company so that he can get all benefits.
  • You are asked to reveal personal and policy related information

What you should do?

  • Do not surrender your existing policy basis these false promises
  • Do not share details of your existing policy
  • Do not give away confidential information like passwords, date of birth, credit card number etc
  • Do not respond to these messages or calls
  • Double check with your agent for authenticity of these claims

We advise you to ignore such calls/communication and get in touch with us immediately

Call us at our toll free numbers : 1800 200 5577

Drop a mail at service.helpdesk@maxlifeinsurance.com

Did you know

Requests for change in policy like reinstatement, loan, assignments, partial withdrawal, change of D.O.B, are processed within 7 days.


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