By choosing Max Life insurancepolicy you have taken one of themost important decisions towards securing your family’s future. The importance of this decision stems from the fact that the true value of life insurance policy is to provide long term savings and protection to your family members, from any unforeseen risks that they might face in future.
Consistency in paying your premiums
While you have taken the first step towards securing your family’s future, it is equally important to pay your policy premium on time. Your conscious decision of buying a Life Insurance Policy to secure your family’s future largely depends on maintaining the layer of protection by being consistent in paying your premium on time.
Alternatives during times of need
It is unfortunate the even after understanding the importance of a continuous policy cover, many policyholders fail to renew their policy in time. It has been largely observed that one of the most common reasons for not renewing the policy in time is the lack of funds at the time of policy renewal. In such cases instead of leaving the policy in between, you must call up the insurance company and speak to the officials to find out alternative ways such as opting for a loan against policy. Such options will ensure that amidst such challenges, you are still able to continue with your policy.
Reviving your policy
The kind of busy life that one leads these days may lead to forgetting priority things such as policy renewal. Though it is certainly not advisable to miss renewing your policy on time, you always have an option to re issue the same policy by paying a late fee as per the insurance company policy. You must understand that in the above cases, discontinuation of premium payments, leads to a policy lapse which will eventually see you losing the amount you have paid so far for the policy. To know more on how to revive your policy click here.
Payment Methods
To make your life even simpler, easy payment methods such as Electronic Clearing System and Auto pay by credit card will help you automatically pay your premium and hence keep you from missing the dates of renewal.
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