Having Open Arms for People with Disabilities

Being truly inclusive is our strength, and those who make a difference in our organisation are special to us. We stand by their side in case of  any disability during the employment tenure. We reskill them using the required infrastructure so they return to work as before and at the same rank to discharge their responsibilities.

Their passion to lead inspires us to include them in our diverse workforce again – a perfect blend of diversity & inclusion, based on mutual respect and compassion.

Intolerance Towards Inequality

Intolerance Towards Inequality

Diversity and inclusion are possible within a culture that makes employees feel a shared sense of belonging. At Max Life Insurance, we constantly strive to create that belongingness with our intolerance towards inequality. We recognize and value our differences so that we expand without any discrimination.

Our work culture is free from discrimination of all forms. We do not tolerate harassment or discriminatory behavior and have specialized, inflexible policies for the same. We have a dedicated committee that takes care of all such matters carefully. Failure to comply with the policies results in strict disciplinary action, including termination of employment. We also make sure we communicate our ethos to our workforce to build trust, that we are there for them all.

At all times, diversity and inclusion is and will always be a priority for us.

Here's What They Say About Leading the Difference with Us

Here's What They Say About Leading the Difference with Us

✅  Vinita Singh , senior relationship manager

Got associated with MAX LIFE INSURANCE FAMILY in the year 2014 as AM. Currently working as Senior Relationship Manager in CAT team in Pune.

She feels that her journey since joining Max Life has been towards success, and Max life empowered her to think beyond her limits and achieving her goals.

She also feels that achievements during her journey from being an AM to SRM has been a roller-coaster. Her hobby is to Travel and explore different countries and their cultures. She also likes to cook Indian food.

✅  Manish Chauhan , senior manager

Joined Max Life in 2008 as an enroller in CEIP department. Currently working as Senior Manager in Business Development (Corporate Employee Insurance Program -CEIP) Agency in Delhi.

Feels Max Life has been like a family to him.  He feels the leaders have been very supportive to him and always provided him with the necessary guidance.

Manish enjoys traveling, singing and cricket.

✅  Rajiv R , relationship associate

Term life insurance is one of the best ways to secure your family financially in case of your untimely demise. Term insurance coverage provides a fixed amount of sum as a death benefit if you meet with life’s eventuality during the policy period.

It is a good idea to invest in a term life insurance policy as you only need to pay small annual premiums against a considerable sum. Moreover, this premium amount is subject to tax deductions, which adds the cherry on the cake.

For example- When you buy an online term insurance coverage worth Rs. 1 Crore, for a 30-yearpolicy term, in the event of your untimely demise (within the policy term), your family will receive the entire 1 crore Sum Assured as a death benefit, subject to terms and conditions

The term insurance coverage amount, thus, enables the insured’s loved ones to lead a decent life and achieve all their goals even in the absence of the breadwinner.

Moreover, buying additional riders like "Accidental Death Benefit Rider" or "Critical Illness Rider" helps to make the term plan more comprehensive. Such benefits are available on payment of additional premium

Therefore, having the best term insurance coverage is a good way to secure your family, even after you are no longer present to support them financially.

Is Term Insurance a Good Idea?

We had an incredible journey towards reaching this milestone.

Awarded with the Gallup Great Workplace Award

Became the Largest Non-Bank Private Life Insurance Company

Rated as "The Most Trusted Private Life Insurer" by the Brand Trust Report

Won the “Agency Productivity Award” at Indian Insurance Awards, 2015

Ranked 24th in India's Top 100 Best Companies to Work for

Here is a glimpse of the culture at Max Life Insurance

Here is a glimpse of the culture at Max Life Insurance

Our Belief

Max Life Family

Optimum Balance of EQ vs IQ

Jamil Asghar, Quality, Service Excellence & Innovation

Glimpse of an Inclusive Culture

Irani Roy, Human Resources

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