What are treatable but incurable cancers

If caught in an early stage many types of cancer are curable!

What does it mean when a doctor says a specific cancer is treatable but incurable?  Advancement in medicine and technology has led to identification of various treatments of cancer thus providing a better prognosis and an increased chance of survival.

If caught in an early stage many types of cancer are curable. Across the globe, it has been found that about half of the people who are diagnosed with cancer tend to survive beyond a decade.

There are more than 100 types of cancer, the most common ones being lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma and prostate cancer.

The three most common methods of treatment are: Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Recommended lifestyle adjustments

Apart from medical treatment, lifestyle adjustments such as exercise, recommended diet plan, stress management and proactive financial planning can help ease the physical and financial discomfort.

Easing the side effects of cancer treatment 

Exercise can help control fatigue, muscle tension, and anxiety in cancer patients. Mind/body therapy sessions such as guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and hypnotherapy improve quality of life for cancer patients. Acupuncture and acupressure are other ways that have been proven effective in reducing stress.


Cancer patients are prescribed a healthy diet during and/or after treatment. Doctors suggest that a good diet and healthy food choices are vital for recovery.

Stress management

How you handle stress impacts your immune system and ability to heal. There are several ways to ease stress such as meditation, taking up a hobby etc.

Financial options

Cancer treatments can be very expensive leading to a lot of financial distress for the patient and the family. Investing in a suitable Cancer insurance plan will take care of the financial needs, thus enabling the patient and kin to focus on treatment and peaceful recovery without being burdened by monetary troubles.

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