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Things You Must Know About Your Intermediaries


The information Mrs. Sharma just read gave her a lot of insight into how she should select a good company and a good channel of distribution. Well, if she was going to put her money into a long term plan to derive certain benefits for herself and her son, she couldn't just invest with anyone. It had to be a trusted company and a dependable intermediary, with the experience to identify her needs and helping her plan for long term savings and the protection of her loved one's future. Flipping through some more information Mrs. Sharma reads further:

'Some important things you should know about your life insurance agent:

  • It is essential to choose a trusted channel of distribution that has received a legitimate license from the IRDA.
  • Always ask the agent for proper identification. Get information about the agent's company, the agent's manager and the address and contact details of the office.
  • Always seek references for selecting the right life insurance agent by simply asking around, such as among family members, trusted friends, colleagues or business partners.'

Mrs. Sharma had a clearer picture of life insurance and what to look for in a channel of distribution. She was now more confident that she could choose a good channel of distribution.

Let's learn, as Mrs. Sharma has, to be wise when we choose a channel of distribution for our life insurance policy. We are investing for the future, we are securing the lives of our children, we are preparing for unforeseen situations that might leave us financially crippled.


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