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Education Series


Max Life Insurance has always been your 'Sachche Advisors'. We believe it is very important to you to understand life insurance, so that you make an informed choice at every stage of life. Over the next few months we will give you detailed information on insurance related subjects. These subjects will enable you to get the maximum benefits from your investment, take informed decisions and ensure your financial security and that of your loved ones.


    Insurance Simplified - FY 2017-18

    Volume 1: Manage your policy more effectively Read Now

    Volume 2: Be aware of your rights as a poliyholder Read Now

    Insurance Simplified - FY 2016-17

    Volume 1: Cancer just can't win Read Now.

    Volume 2: How to Insure and Protect Read Now.

    Volume 3: Congratulations! You have secured your family’s future Read Now.

    Volume 4: Do you know why documentation is important of Claims Read Now.

    Volume 5: A secured future comes with Tax savings today Read Now.

    Volume 6: Choosing the right Insurance Policy for a secured financial future Read Now.

    Insurance Simplified - FY 2015-16

    March 2016 : The Budget does a good balancing job Read Now.

    January 2016 : Ensure the protection of your loved ones with Max Life Insurance Read Now.

    November 2015 : Expert Speak: Ensure a secured future for your family by reviving your lapsed policy Read Now.

    September 2015 : Expert speak: Maximise your Insurance Cover with add-on Riders Read Now.

    July 2015 : Expert Speak: Things to keep in mind while purchasing Life Insurance Read Now.

    April 2015 : Budget highlights to keep in mind before you start planning your finances for 2015-16 Read Now.

    Insurance Simplified - FY 2014-15

    December 2014: Understanding Term Insurance Plans better Read Now.

    October 2014: Understanding Unit Linked Insurance Plans better Read Now.

    July 2014: Now, view all your policies online with just a click Read Now.

    May 2014: Ensure timely Premium payment with ECS Read Now.

    March 2014: Understanding the role of your agent advisor Read Now.

    Insurance Simplified - FY 2013-14

    Volume 1: How Life Insurance helps you to save income tax Read Now

    Volume 2: Types of Insurance Read Now

    Volume 3: How to Choose your Policy Read Now

    Volume 4: How to plan for your retirement Read Now

    Volume 5: How to secure your child's future Read Now

    Volume 6: How to effectively manage your insurance policy Read Now

    Volume 7 : Customize your Insurance Policy to suit your changing needs Read Now

    Volume 8 : Everything you need to know about filing a claim Read Now

    Volume 9 : Plan Your Term Plans Read Now

    Volume 10 : How to choose a suitable Life Insurance plan Read Now

    Volume 11 : Credit Life Insurance Read Now

    Volume 12 : Policy Lapsation Read Now


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