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In this progressive world of infinite opportunities, we all have our long and short-term goals. Both preserving and growing your money is important to achieve these objectives.

While a basic saving plan offers stability, unit-linked plans provide both protection and growth through market-linked returns. It’s about how you allocate your stake in the market to avoid any risk due to market changes.

We present Max Life Maxis Super, a perfect plan which balances your fund between equity and debt exposure automatically so that your money grows with time without getting affected due to market volatilities. Now, achieve those long-term goals easily and make your future years the best time of your life with this wealth accumulation plan.


3 reasons you should get this plan

  • Choose the life insurance cover basis your age and requirements
  • Grow your money while insulating it from market volatilities
  • Get flexibility to invest into different funds based on your risk appetite and financial goals

What do I get with this plan?

What do I get with this plan?

Here’s all you need to know about this plan

Here’s all you need to know about this plan

Insert Image Maturity Benefit

Payable on the maturity of the policy

At the end of the Policy Term, you will be eligible to receive the maturity amount, equal to the total value of the policy, called Fund Value, calculated as:

Fund Value = Summation of Units accumulated in Fund(s) X NAV of respective Fund(s) as on the Maturity Date; provided settlement option has not been exercised.

Note: In case the Maturity Date is a non working day for the Company or markets, then next working day's NAV will be applicable.

Insert Image Death Benefit

Amount payable on the death of the Policyholder

In the event of the death of the person insured during the term of the policy, the nominee will receive the total Sum Assured plus the Fund Value (on the date of death), subject to a minimum of 105% of all premiums paid till the date of death

Insert Image Sum Assured Multiples

Different Sum Assured multiples available

You have the option to choose 11, 15 or 20 times the Annualised Premium as the insurance cover, depending on your age and protection requirements, in both 7 pay & 10 pay variants. Sum Assured is guaranteed to be payable on death of the Life Insured provided the policy is in-force. Below are further details for available sum-assured for different age range:

Age of the Life Insured at entry (Age as on last birthday)

Sum Assured Multiple(s) available

18 to 34 years

11 / 15 / 20 times the Annualised Premium

35 to 44 years

11 / 15 times the Annualised Premium

45 years & above

11 times the Annualised Premium

Minimum Sum Assured: Rs. 3,85,000

Maximum Sum Assured: No Limit, subject to underwriting, as per the Board approved underwriting policy of the Company

Available Investment Options: Any of the Funds or Dynamic Fund Allocation Option

Insert Image Tax Benefit

You may be entitled to certain tax deductions on your premiums and on proceeds under the policy benefits.

Please note that all such tax deductions are subject to tax laws prevailing at the time of payment of premium or receipt of benefits.

Let's consider the case of Mr. Verma, aged 35 years, opts for Max Life Maxis Super with Sum Assured as 11 times the Annualized Premium. Below are the further details:

Age at Entry

35 Years

Annualised Premium

Rs. 1,00,000

Premium Payment Term

7 Years

Sum Assured Multiple

11 times the Annualised Premium

Sum Assured

Rs. 11 Lakhs

Investment Option

Dynamic Fund Allocation

Let’s see how this plan works for him


Benefit payable @ 4%#

Maturity Benefit(Fund Value*)                   

Rs. 7,84,407


Death Benefit                    

Sum Assured + Fund Value* as on the Date of Death,

subject to a minimum of 105% of all premiums paid

(*Fund Value is the total monetary value of a fund, calculated by adding up the value of its underlying assets on that date. The price of units in a unit trust, for instance, is worked out from the value of all its holdings in other quoted companies, adding them together, and dividing the sum by the number of units issued.)

#Kindly note that the scenarios shown above are only illustrations and do not in any way create any rights and / or obligations. The actual experience on the contract may be different from the one shown above. The non-guaranteed rates mentioned above relate to the assumed investment return at different rates and may vary depending upon the market conditions. All applicable taxes, cesses and levies as imposed by the Government on charges would be deducted through cancellation of units. Please note that the above assumed rates of return, 4% and 8% respectively, for Dynamic Fund Allocation Investment Option and Sum Assured Multiple of 11, are only scenarios of what your policy will look like at these rates after recovering all applicable charges.

These are not guaranteed and they are not the upper or lower limits of returns of the Fund Option selected in your policy, as the performance of the Funds is dependent on a number of factors including future investment performance. All applicable taxes, cesses, and levies as imposed by the Government from time to time will be deducted from the premium received. For more information, please request for your Policy specific benefit illustration.


Minimum/ Maximum Age of Life Insured at Entry (Age as on Last Birthday)

Minimum Entry Age : 18 years

Maximum Entry Age : 55 years

Maximum Maturity Age of the Life Insured (Age as on Last Birthday)

70 years

Premium Payment Term

7 years or 10 years

Policy Term

15 years (fixed)

Premium Payment Mode

Annual mode only

Minimum Annualised Premium

Rs. 35,000

Maximum Annualised Premium

No limit

Key Charges

1. Premium Allocation Charge: The Premium Allocation charge is expressed as a percent of received premium
Please find the premium allocation charges for different policy years in the table below:

Policy Year

Allocation Charge (as a % of Premium)

1 to 5 years


Year 6 & above


2. Fund Management Charge: Charge levied as a percentage of the value of assets and shall be appropriated, usually daily, by adjusting the Net Asset Value of the Fund.
The rate to be levied will be equal to the annual rate, as given above, divided by 365 and multiplied by the number of days that have elapsed since the previous unit valuation date. The annual rate of Fund Management Charge is as below:

  1. Name of The Fund

    Charge ( per annum ) as % of Fund Value

    High Growth Fund
    (SFIN: ULIF01311/02/08LIFEHIGHGR104)


    Growth Super Fund

    (SFIN: ULIF01108/02/07LIFEGRWSUP104)


    Growth Fund

    (SFIN: ULIF00125/06/04LIFEGROWTH104)


    Balanced Fund

    (SFIN: ULIF00225/06/04LIFEBALANC104)


    Conservative Fund

    (SFIN: ULIF00325/06/04LIFECONSER104)


    Secure Fund



    Discontinuance Policy Fund

    (SFIN: ULIF02021/06/13LIFEDISCON104)


3. Policy Administration Charge: This is a charge expressed as a percentage of premiums paid i.e. 0.24% of Annualised Premium per month for both variants

It is levied at each monthly anniversary by canceling proportionate Units starting from the date of commencement of policy. This charge will inflate at 4% p.a. compounded annually from the start of the 2nd Policy Year but will not be greater than Rs. 400 per month at any point during the Policy Term.

4. Mortality Charge: A charge levied for providing risk cover (also called death benefit) to the Life Insured during the Policy Term. 

This charge is levied on the attained age of the Life Insured for the Sum Assured and is unisex. On each monthly anniversary, appropriate number of Units are canceled from the Unit Account at their Unit Price to meet mortality for the Life Insurance starting from the date of commencement of the policy.

Please refer to the below mortality rates per thousand sum at risk for some sample ages are as below : 

  1. Sample Ages (Years)

    Mortality charge

    (per Rs. 1,000 Sum at Risk)









5. Switching Charges: A charge levied to switch between different funds as per your risk appetite

A maximum of 12 Switches are allowed in a policy year and all are free of charge.

6. Premium Redirection Charge:  A charge levied to redirect your future premiums between available funds.

You may redirect your future Premiums between available funds at any time by giving us a written notice before the premium due date. A maximum of six premium redirections are allowed in each policy year without any additional charges

7. Partial Withdrawal Charge: A charge levied to make partial withdrawals even before the end of the Policy Term

After the first five policy years, a maximum of two partial withdrawals are allowed in a policy year without any additional charges.

Surrender / Discontinuance Charge: A charge levied on the Fund Value at the time of discontinuance of policy or on effective complete withdrawal (surrender) whichever is earlier.

Below are the surrender charges payable at different policy years:


  1. If Policy is Surrendered/ Discontinued

    <span class="padding-left0" >Surrender/Discontinuance Charge shall be lower of the following</span>

    As a percentage of Annualised Premium

    As a percentage of Fund Value

    Fixed amount ( Rs.)

    In 1st Policy Year




    In 2nd Policy Year




    In 3rd Policy Year




    In 4th Policy Year




    5th Year onwards




Fund Name

Investment Strategy

Investment Group

Risk Rating

High Growth Fund
(SFIN: ULIF01311/02/08LIFEHIGHGR104)

Dynamic Fund Allocation


Vey High

Growth Super Fund

(SFIN: ULIF01108/02/


Dynamic Fund Allocation



Growth Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00125/06/


Dynamic Fund Allocation



Balanced Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00225/06/


Dynamic Fund Allocation



Conservative Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00325/06/


Dynamic Fund Allocation



Secure Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00425/06/


Dynamic Fund Allocation



Dynamic Fund Allocation

An investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. This option is an investment strategy which in early part of your Policy Term invests in equity oriented fund and as your Policy Term progresses it shifts the fund allocation towards more conservative fund. You can opt for Dynamic Fund Allocation option only at the inception of policy. Under this option, assets under management shall be maintained amongst Growth Super Fund and Secure Fund in a pre-defined proportion that changes depending upon the years left to maturity

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Why Choose Max Life

Here are some of the numbers which speak about our accomplishments

Why Choose Max Life

Here are some of the numbers which speak about our accomplishments
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Max Life Presence

143 Cities

143 Cities

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₹3,77,572 Cr.

₹3,77,572 Cr.

In force (individual) till FY'17 (Src: Public Disclosure, FY2016-17)

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₹44,370 Cr.

Till FY'17 (Src: Public Disclosure, FY2016-17)

More reasons why our customers choose us
See how parents are fulfilling their child's dreams
See how parents are fulfilling their child's dreams

I had a very casual approach to savings till I saw a close relative struggle badly when her husband died in an accident. The event had a deep impact on me, and I started exploring life insurance options. This is when Mr. Bhalla (a Max Life agent) advised me to invest in child plans. I think child insurance is a must for every father who wants to secure the future for his child.


Mr. Goyal, 33 years

Delhi, 26 June 2017

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