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A Day In The Life Of An Agent

A Day In The Life Of An Agent

Being an insurance agent involves you being constantly in touch with people, understanding and studying their life. A regular day in the life of an insurance agent consists of meeting a lot of people and conversing with them about the benefits and concerns of taking a life insurance policy.

You need to be disciplined about your work day and go as per the plan for a successful sale. Organised yet fun, that’s something a day in a Max Life Insurance’s agent looks like.

A Max Life Insurance agent’s day is divided in 4 parts:

  • Contact
  • Meet
  • Share
  • Close

Part 1: Contact prospective customer

In accordance with yesterday’s pending contacts list, you need to review and find out which customers need to be contacted through telephone. The customers who had asked for a recall need to be followed up on.

On an average, an agent makes a minimum of 10 calls before 10 o’clock in the morning. This is so that meetings can be fixed at a time comfortable with the customer. This helps in getting appointments for the day and the next day. In case, very few customers agree for a meeting, you can get references from the telephonic conversation and take it forward from there.

Part 2: Meet prospective customer in person

Meeting the prospective customer in person is one of the most important and crucial part of the sale process. As an agent, you have to ask the right questions and have the patience to listen to the customers’ requirements. Without sounding too nosy, you should be able to gauge the customer’s actual need for insurance.

Being on time for the meeting is one of the musts. Go with an open mind and don’t push for the sale. Just give an honest and patient ear to your customer’s needs.

Part 3: Share the insurance proposition

After a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements, you should suggest an ideal insurance plan. It is advisable to suggest more than one plan, so that the client has a choice. As per your assessment of the customer’s requirements, you should be able to draw up a plan that protects and aligns with the customer’s needs. The nitty-gritty’s of insurance are a little complex to understand. It would be prudent to explain by giving examples.

Be very clear about the risks involved in the suggested insurance plans so that the customer can make an informed decision. Also, if the customer is not convinced about the plan, fix a meeting for a later date. Be equipped with a better understanding of their needs, their premium paying willingness and other factors and suggest better plans.

Part 4: Closure and customer retention

If the customer is fine with the proposal, go about closing the deal in a systematic manner. Help the customer with the documentation. Avoid any kind of duplication of work.

Once the sale is concluded, make sure to keep in touch with the customer and update them about their various payments and receipts. Be completely aware of their plan and reply to all their queries satisfactorily.

As part of the after sale service, you should make the customer aware of any new development in their plan.

Did You Know

The agent advisor career opportunity can help you build a business that can be passed on to future generations as a legacy.


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