Online Term Plan - Max life Insurance
Online Term Plan - Max life Insurance

Apne family ke future ko do security ka bharosa

With Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

Apne family ke
future ko do
security ka bharosa

With Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

Max Life brings to you Online Term Plan Plus that provides a secure financial future for your loved ones, against the risks of Death, Disease and Disability

Max Life Online Term Plan Plus


Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

What is Online Term Plan?

An online term plan is essentially a term life insurance coverage that you can purchase online. Unlike buying term insurance offline, online term plans enable you to compare, analyse, and choose the required financial life insurance coverage from the comfort of your home.

Buying online term insurance allows you to:

1. Review features and benefits of different term insurance plans

2. Calculate the amount of premium payable for the desired term insurance coverage

3. Understand about different rider options available with these plans

4. Avail discounts on the premium payable when compared to buying the regular term insurance plan offline

5. Reduce the purchase time significantly

Why Buying an Online Term Plan Is an Easy and more affordable Option?

Compared to buying term insurance coverage offline, online term insurance plans are convenient and cheaper. Here is why –

1. Lower Premiums

While purchasing an online term plan, you get lower rates of premium as compared to offline purchase. One of the key factors that reduces costs is that there is no insurance advisor involved. Hence, the insurance company passes on the amount saved from agent’s commissions and distribution costs to the customer buying the policy online. Moreover, there are savings from overheads such as logistics, stationary, and documentation.

2. Easy Comparison of Features and Benefits

As a buyer, you can make an informed decision about buying the best term insurance plan for your loved ones. While online you have access to a wealth of case studies, term insurance calculators, customer reviews, and informative articles. You can easily understand the features and benefits of each plan.

3. Quick and Secure Buying Process

You have the option to choose from different options for secure and fast online payments such as net banking, credit cards, debit cards. These payments are instantaneously processed, through a secure payment gateway, and are quick and hassle-free. You receive an instant online receipt – especially ideal when you need to furnish documents quickly for claiming tax exemptions.

Why Should You Choose Max Life Online Term Insurance

Best Term Plan Company Company of the year*^*
99.22%* Claims paid Over 2 Lacs+ Users
IRDAI Registered Registration No. 104
Term Plan Calculator
Monthly /Monthly
Premium (inc GST)
Select Gender
Smoke / Tobacco
Select Your Age: Yrs
18 25 35 45 60
Select Cover Amount

*This calculation is done for Max Life Smart Term Plan (UIN: 104N113V04)

Benefits of Buying Max Life Online Term Insurance

Benefits of online term plan - Max life Insurance
Protected Family The concept of insurance is based on community, and thus the term insurance plans too. Term insurance plans benefit not just the buyer and the families but the society at large
Peace of Mind Future is unpredictable and term insurance protects your family from unforeseen risks like death, disability and disease. Knowing your family will be secure in your absence, helps in reducing fear and stress of unpredictability.
Tax Savings Term insurance helps you save taxes under Section 80C, 80D and 10(10D) under prevailing tax laws.
Flexibility to choose the benefit amount Max Life Online Term Plan Plus offers 3 payout options for family - lumpsum one time, lumpsum along with a monthly income or lumpsum with increasing monthly income
Flexibility to choose cover duration Max Life Online Term Plan Plus offers flexibility to choose the duration of the cover (minimum 10 years to a maximum of 50 years)
Regular Income for your family The Plan provides a regular income to your family to support their basic essentials like food, rents, bills, EMI’s
Fund education goals Lumpsum payout from plan can provide financial protection to fund the future education goals
and more ...

How to Buy Max Life Online Term Plan

Quick and Easy ways to purchase

Select your Sum Assured and Term Use the online term insurance calculator and estimate the premium for your desired sum assured and term of the plan. Your ideal cover should be 10 to 15 times of your annual income
Add Suitable Riders Enhance your family's financial support in case of disability and life threatening illnesses with additional riders, available on payment of additional premium.
Pay the Premium Complete personal information like income, profession and education details. You also need to fill nominee details along with your current address. Post this you can make the payment online with secure and easy payment options.
Complete the Proposal Form The proposal form captures information related to your life which may affect your claim in the future. It includes your professional details, health history and lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking.
Medical Tests Medical tests are required in selected cases basis individual life-risk. It is conducted after successful completion of the proposal form and submission of all necessary documents.
Features of Max Life Online Term Insurance

What is a Term Plan?

Term insurance plan is a type of life insurance contract that offers to pay a lump-sum amount to the nominee (a family member nominated by the person who is insured to receive the policy benefits in case of his/her death) in case of insured dies during the policy term. Term insurance is called so because it covers the life of the insured for a limited period (or term). Term plan does not offer a maturity value if the policyholder survives through the entire duration of the policy. This is one of the reasons why term plans are affordable.

Emergencies and unfortunate events like the loss of breadwinner can push a family financially backward and put their future at risk. With a term insurance policy, the breadwinner can ensure that the family continues to receive the financial support to maintain a respectable lifestyle

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Key Features of Online Term Insurance Plan

Choice of Death Benefit Options^ Select the best payout option that suits your family - lumpsum and income payout variants
Pay your Premiums only Till Retirement Premium payment till age 60 and coverage till age 85 years
Additional Protection Top-up your cover with a variety of riders that cover you from accident, disability and critical illnesses^
Comprehensive Protection Against Death Dismemberment & Critical Illness^ Option to enchance your cover for all 3 life risks with additional benefits and riders
Hassle Free Online Application Process Buy easily with our completely online journey with minimal documentation and round the clock assistance
Know more...

For Example: 28 yr old Male, Non Smoker, 40 yr Term, SA 1 Cr

               Max Life Online Term Plan Plus premium option: Monthly Premium (exclusive tax) Total Premium
        10 Pay 1,496 1,79,520
        Regular Pay 668 3,20,640
  Savings 44%
BASIC LIFE COVER A pure term plan with which pays a fixed amount (sum assured) to the family • Lumpsum payment of death benefit to your nomine
• Lifestage benefit to enhance insurance cover on important milestones like marriage, birth of a child
• Benefit payment for up to 40 life threatening illnesses & disabilities(on payment of additional premium)
• Pay until the age of 60 years for coverage up till the age of 85(on payment of additional premium
A pure term plan with which pays a fixed amount (sum assured) to the family + a fixed sum every month • 0.4% of the Sum Assured (S.A.) is paid each month for 10 years as fixed monthly income
• Monthly income benefit is payable over and above the base Sum Assured
• The effective cost of this option is just Rs. 85/Lakh of S.A. (( Standard Premium For 28-Year-Old Male, Non-Smoker, Base Plan Policy Term Of 30 Years, Premium Payment Term Of 30 Years for Basic life cover+monthly income option for a sum assured of 1 crore)
A pure term plan with which pays a fixed amount (sum assured) to the family + a fixed sum every month payable for 10 years that keeps increasing by 10% every year to account for increasing living cost • This plan pays 0.4% of S.A. each month in the first year as monthly income
• The monthly income increases each year by 10% for the rest of the payout period
• The monthly income benefit is payable over and above the base sum assured
  • Minimum age to buy is 18
  • Maximum age for buying the cover can be up to 60 years
  • Choice of regular income payout options
  • Limited pay options for premium payment
  • Option to add benefits like accidental death and dismemberment, premium waiver, and critical illness covers (On payment of additional premium
  • Option to pay premiums monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually
  • Freelook period of 30 days (for online plans)
  • A grace period of 15 days for payment of regular premium under monthly mode, 30 days for other modes
  • Maximum covered age of life-insured can be up to 85 years for term plans.
  • A lapsed term insurance policy can be revived within five years of the first unpaid premium

Selecting best term insurance plan is a simple five step process:

Step 1: Select Your Life Insurer (or the company from whom you wish to buy life insurance)

Check the Claims Paid Percentage

Claims paid percentage of an insurance company is the ultimate proof of the moment of truth faced by the person insured. It shows the number of claims settled by the insurer in given financial year divided by total outstanding claims at the beginning of that year and reported during the year. A good claims paid percentage, is a testament to insurance company’s commitment and efficiency in managing customer’s claims.

Check Persistency Ratio

Persistency ratio indicates how satisfied current policyholders are. It is the number of customers who stay invested in their policy year after year. More satisfied policyholders will stay with the insurer for longer periods. A good persistency ratio indicates trust of customers on their insurance company and the product purchased. Max Life Insurance recorded a 13th month persistency of 81%.(As per Max Life Public Disclosures FY 17-18)

Step 2: Estimate the Sum Assured & duration of your plan

Sum assured, or the insurance cover amount, should be large enough to take care of both your family’s regular financial needs and major life goals for their entire life.

As a rule of thumb, you can opt for a sum assured anywhere between 10 to 15 times of your annual take home income.

It is advisable to take longest term possible. However, you must continue your cover for atleast your working years.

Step 3: Select the Add-on Benefits

Once you have decided the life insurance company of your choice, it’s time to start looking for the plan benefits. Term insurance plan is a pure life insurance cover and the money is paid only on the death of person who is insured. To enhance your term insurance cover, you may add various additional benefits or riders that may come at an additional minimal cost. Such optional benefits/riders cover additional risk, are very cost effective and can be availed on payment of additional premium. The optional benefits you should add to your term life cover are:

Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider (On payment of additional premium for rider)

This Rider gives you an additional cover by way of rider Sum Assured payable in case of Death or Dismemberment (impairments are listed under the Rider contract) due to accident.

Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus Rider (On payment of additional premium for rider)

get waiver of all future premiums under a policy and all other attaching riders on happening of earlier of either of the following events provided the base policy and attaching riders are in force:

  • Critical Illness; or
  • Dismemberment; or
  • Death (only when Life Insured and Policyholder are different individuals, rider benefit will be paid on death of the Policyholder)

Accelerated Critical Illness Benefit (On payment of additional premium)

The CI Sum Assured is payable on the first occurrence of any of the specified Critical Illnesses. The CI Sum Assured shall accelerate the Death Benefit to the extent of the CI Sum Assured with the remaining Death Benefit payable on death.

Life Stage Event

It is an option to increase the Sum Assured in future basis Life Stage events like Marriage, Child Birth or House Loan. This option has to be selected by you at time of inception of policy. The increase will only be applicable once You provide the intimation about the Life Stage change (along with the requisite proofs).

You have the option to increase the Sum Assured in future basis Life Stage events like Marriage, Child Birth or House Loan. This option has to be selected by you at time of inception of policy. The increase will only be applicable once You provide the intimation about the Life Stage change (along with the requisite proofs). The eligibility criteria for choosing this option are as follows:-

1. Sum Assured chosen by You at inception of the policy should be greater than or equal to Rs. 50 Lakhs.

2. Payment of three full annual premium equivalents from the time of policy issuance of reinstatement

3. Completion of three policy years from the time of policy issuance or reinstatement.

4. Option must be exercised before the Life Assured attains the age of 45 years (last birthday)

5. The Sum Assured can only be increased within 1 year of the happening of the life stage event(s)

Step 4: Compare the Premium

Use online term plan calculators provided by various life insurance companies to estimate the premium amount for your cover. Most of the added benefits cost extra. Overall, the following factors will affect your premiums:

> Your age

> If you are a smoker premium can be slightly higher

> Tenure of the plan (longer tenure increases the premium)

> Tenure of premium payment (shorter tenure attracts higher premium)

> Sum assured under added benefits

> Mode of premium payment (there can be a discount on lumpsum premium payment)

Step 5: Buy the Plan

If the plan is available online, you can proceed to buy the cover once you have selected your benefits and estimated the premium cost. You can complete the formalities online including submission of documents.

In case you have chosen to buy a plan, which is not available online, you can set an appointment for the advisor to visit you and complete the formalities.


Anyone who is earning should buy a term insurance plan to support the family’s financial future.

If you are single – Your parents may be currently or in future be dependent on you. It is essential to secure their lifestyle during retirement

If you are married with no kids – Your spouse may be completely or partially be dependent on you financially. It is important to secure their lifestyle in your absence.

If you are married and have kids – Your kids’ education and marriage expenses are two important goals that you need to secure. Aside, you also need to maintain current lifestyle for your partner, even in your absence. From eligibility perspective a person aged 18 years can buy a term plan. Maximum entry age may vary from one insurer to the other. With Max Life the maximum age to buy the term plan is 60 years.


A Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Pure Risk Premium Life Insurance Plan UIN: 104N092V04

Explore three variants of Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

Explore three variants of Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

Basic Life Cover

Provide Financial security for your family with one-time lumpsum payout

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Calculate Premium

Basic Life Cover + Monthly Income

Financial Security for your family with monthly income for 10 years in addition to lumpum

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Calculate Premium

Basic Life Cover + Increasing Monthly Income

Enhance the financial security with increasing monthly income, in addition to lumpsum

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Calculate Premium

Online Term Insurance FAQs

Online Term Insurance FAQs

1. How do term insurance plans work?

Term Insurance Plans is the simplest Life Insurance product and a must have for everyone. This is a pure protection plan where payout is made only in case of death, there are no maturity benefits on survival. In case of death of life insured, the nominee receives the death benefit payout.

Term Plans offers 3 advantages –

  • High life insurance cover at affordable premiums as they are the cheapest amongst all types of Life Insurance
  • Tax Benefit to the Policyholder as the premium paid is eligible for tax exemption under section 80C of Income Tax Act
  • Life Insurance claims proceeds are tax free in hands of the nominee - Death benefits are tax free under section 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

2. What is the right age to buy a term insurance plan?

A Term plan is a pure protection plan which helps replace the income earned by the breadwinner in case of his death. It is a fact that the younger you are, cheaper the premiums. For a Rs 1 Cr term insurance cover, the monthly premium will be ~Rs 600 for a 25 year, non smoker male  vs ~Rs 1,200 for the same person at age 35. Thus, it makes sense to buy this plan as early in life as possible.

If you are in your 30's or 40's, your liabilities and dependents would have increased (parents & children). You must buy a cover now to make sure all the financial needs are met, even when you are not around.

Even if you have crossed 50 and nearing retirement, you should invest in a term plan. In case of your demise, the pensions will stop and then your spouse and dependent children will be financially vulnerable.

Thus, if protecting your family’s financial future in your absence is your prime concern, you should buy a term plan immediately, regardless of your current age. 

3. How do I decide which plan variant is best suitable for me?

Max Life gives you the choice to customize the term plan to suit your needs and choose how the insurance cover amount is paid to the family in the event of your death: 

1. Basic Life Cover - Your family gets the money as a one-time lumpsum payout that can help cover immediate liabilities

2. Basic Life Cover + Monthly Income - In addition to the lump sum payout, your family will get a regular, tax-free monthly income for the next ten years. This plan helps the family manage day-to-day household expenses like school fees, groceries etc

3. Basic Life Cover + Increasing Monthly Income - In this option, the monthly income increases by 10% each year which will keep it 'inflation proof'.  

If you feel confident that your family is financially savvy and will be able to manage future cash flows, you can opt for basic life cover. Otherwise, it is recommended to go for the income option. If you take into account the 10 year income in addition to the life cover, the effective cost per lac of payout actually comes to be cheaper than the basic life cover

4. Are riders important? Which one should I opt for?

Riders are an afforable and effective option to improve the comprehensiveness of your cover. They can be purchased only at the time of buying the term policy. Therefore it is advisable to carefully choose the riders that meet your requirements. 

Max Life offers the following rider options you can choose:

1. Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus Rider (UIN:104B029V03) - All future premiums waived in case of specified critical illness/disability/death of the policyholder.

2. Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider (UIN -104B025V03) - Get additional protection for accident leading to dismemberment or death.

5. Can I have two Term Plans?

Yes, you can have multiple term life insurance policies. You can take all policies from either one insurer or multiple insurers. With age, your income and liabilities increase, hence buying an extra term life cover to sustain this lifestyle makes sense.

The maximum coverage is calculated basis your income, age, assets and financial liabilities, regardless of whether you buy single or multiple policies.

While buying multiple policies, you keep in mind these 2 important points

  • Disclose all the existing policies that you currently own to the new insurer from whom you are buying the new policy. This will help them assess your eligibility.
  • Read the policy documents very carefully to understand all the features, inclusions and exclusions.

6. What is Term Insurance Plan?

A term insurance plan is the simplest forms of financial protection that can help your family meet its financial needs in your absence. Get a term insurance cover from Max Life Term plans.

7. How to buy Online Term Plan?

Yes, you can have multiple term life insurance policies. You can take all policies from either one insurer or multiple insurers. With age, your income and liabilities increase, hence buying an extra term life cover to sustain this lifestyle makes sense.

The maximum coverage is calculated basis your income, age, assets and financial liabilities, regardless of whether you buy single or multiple policies.

While buying multiple policies, you keep in mind these 2 important points

  • Disclose all the existing policies that you currently own to the new insurer from whom you are buying the new policy. This will help them assess your eligibility.
  • Read the policy documents very carefully to understand all the features, inclusions and exclusions.

8. Does term insurance cover health coverage?

It is important first to understand what the difference between Health insurance and Term Insurance is. Technically speaking, while Health Insurance covers the expenses incurred towards treatment, Term Insurance can help your family reduce their financial burden in case of your untimely demise, disease or disability.

While Online Term Plan Plus, a term insurance plan from Max Life doesn’t provide health coverage, however, the critical illness rider of the plan (an optional benefit available on payment of additional premium) provides a lumpsum amount to the family incase of diagnosis of any of the 40 critical illnesses covered. If you wish to avail insurance coverage against various ailments and related hospitalisation expenses, it is advisable to purchase either a health insurance plan or a critical insurance plan (to meet the costs related to the treatment of severe health conditions).

Here are some critical differences between the two insurance types:


Critical Illness Rider

Health Insurance

Reason to Buy

Provides a lump sum, following the diagnosis of a critical illness.

Provide either cashless treatment or reimbursement of hospital expenses.

What Do They Cover?

Common critical health conditions, as mentioned in the policy document.

Coversactual medical and surgical expenses incurred by the policyholder.

Who is it for?

Peopleat a higher risk of developing critical illness.

For everyone.

Insurance Term

Usually long-term,i.e.20 years or longer

Usually short-term and needs renewal after every 1 or 2 years

9. How Term Plan Gives Monthly Income?

Let’s first understand how the term plan works. In most term insurance plans, the nominee would receive a lump sum payout, incase of an unfortunate death of the policyholder. This is equal to the Sum Assured/insurance cover you would have opted while buying term insurance.To enhance this coverage and to provide for the family’s living expenses, Max Life Online Term Plan Plus  offers you an option to receive monthly payout. This payout helps family meet thier  expenses including the utility bills, groceries, school fees etc. This amount is paid out over a payout period of 10-15 years.

Advantages of Monthly Payouts

  • A regular source of income
  • Customised payouts
  • Keeps inflation in check

Things to Keep in Mind for Choosing A Monthly Payout Plan

Situations in which you may opt for a monthly payout option under Max Life Online Term Plan Plus include:

  • Investors who are risk-averse may find it hard to manage the large lump sum money. Therefore, it is useful that you opt for monthly payouts, so that your family receives secure, sustained income every month to meet their day-to-day needs.
  • Inflation is an important factor that can have a negative impact on your life cover benefit, especially when we talk about a time in distant Rising inflation may de-value the worth of your current cover amount. Therefore, having the option to receive increasing income every month option would help your loved ones manage your daily expenses, without much hassle.

11. Why best term plan for parents

As a parent, buying term insurance plans can help create a safety net for your family and help ensure that they have a financially secure future. The plan would also help them sustain the lifestyle that you’ve provided for them, even when you are no longer there.

You can select from the following payout options under the term plan:

  • Lump sum payout as life cover;
  • lump sum payout as life cover along with a fixed monthly income for a specific period;
  • Lump sum payout as life cover, along with an increasing monthly incomefor a specific period;

Choosing the Life Cover

You must opt for a life cover at least 10 to 15 times your annual income to meet both current and future liabilities and financial goals of your family. You need to assess your present liabilities and future goals, along with the rate of inflation while calculating your life cover.


Riders are optional insurance add-ons that you can purchase with your term insurance on payment of additional premium. The Accidental Death Cover rider offers you an additional cover, in case of death or disability because of an accident. The Waiver of Premium Rider offers to waive off the premium, in case you are rendered unable to continue working and earn, such as in case of disability or critical illness.

Policy Tenure

Ideally, you should purchasea policy for the maximum available tenure possible, preferably throughout your working life. Choosing a long-term tenure is useful if you are purchasing the policyas a means to square off a home loan or similar liability in your absence.

12. What payout options are available in this term plan

Online Term Plan Plus from Max Life Insurance offers three payout options for its three product variants during the payout period.

“Payout Period” is defined as a 10-year period, during which your nominee will receive monthly income on every monthiversary, starting from the Policy Anniversary, after the date of death of the Insured.

Option 1– Sum Assured

Under this option, Max Life shall pay 100percentof the amount agreed as the Sum Assured.

Option 2 – Sum Assured Plus Level Monthly Income

Under this option, your nominee will receive 100 percent of the Sum Assured amount, along with a level monthly income, equal to 0.4 percent of the Sum Assured. The number of monthly incomes is limited to a total of 120 regular monthly incomes, distributed throughout the Payout Period.

Option 3 – Sum Assured Plus Increasing Monthly Income

Your nominee would receive 100 percent of the Sum Assured amount and a monthly income throughout the Payout Period. The incomeshall be payable as follows:

Throughout the first year of the Payout Period, Max Life would pay a level monthly income of 0.4 percentof the Sum Assured. Thereafter, the monthly incomewould increase by 10percent each year for the rest of the payout period

Death Benefit payable under the Term Plan will be reduced to the extent of the amount already paid out under the Accelerated Critical Illness Benefit. The level monthly income under Option 2 or increasing monthly income under Option 3 would; however, remain unchanged.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Most Popular Articles !

Most Popular Articles !

Top term insurance myths - Know the truth !

Having a conversation about death is very uncomfortable and unthinkable, one of the main reasons why people procrastinate or avoid shopping for life insurance products. Other myths that people have due to low awareness of this category are - ‘Life insurance is not affordable’, ‘I am Single, I don’t need life insurance’, ‘It’s for older people’, ‘It’s only for earning members of the family’ and many more. This article tackles some of the most common but major misconceptions and myths about Life Insurance!

Is term insurance is an investment or an expense?

Term insurance plans are not an expense but a safety net that no other financial product can give and a wise financial decision. A term plan pays the promised money in case of the policyholder’s demise, any time during the entire policy term. This means that even if he dies after paying a single premium, the entire sum assured will be given to the nominee. Additionally, you can also save tax. This article helps you understand the benefits of a owing a term plan.

How to Evaluate a Term Insurance Quote

Term plans is the simplest form of protection plans which is easy to understand and is highly cost-effective. You start your purchase journey by calculating a premium quote. For the same person, you may get different quote amount from different companies. This is because there are many factors involved like change in base premiums, rider costs, tax component, lapse charges etc. This article helps you understand the factors so that you can make a smart buy.

Maximize Term Insurance Benefits with Riders

Riders are add-on benefits that are optional with a life insurance product. This helps you customize the plan basis your personal needs. Few critical and powerful riders that you must definitely consider during the purchase journey is Comprehensive Accident Benefit, Waiver of premium and Critical Illness. This article helps you understand the meaning and benefits of different types of riders so that you buy the best term insurance plan customizable for yourself.

Difference between Term Plan and Whole Life Plan

Term life insurance is the simplest form of life insurance, that offer a lump sum payment as Death Benefit and can be availed for a fixed term. Whole life insurance offers both, a death benefit as well as savings benefits. Both these plans have distinct features and benefits and one should choose the plan that best suits your requirements. This article helps you understand the proposition each plan offers and helps you take a right decision for yourself.

Additional Benefits through Riders

Additional Benefits through Riders

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