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How Max's Online Term Plan Can Take Care of Your Family in Your Absence

It is a plan that provides financial protection to your family if the breadwinner suffers from a critical disease, encounters disability, and dies.


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Sanchit was a financial analyst in a leading consulting firm with big dreams of retiring early. Despite the odds, his investments paid off, and he became a 'crorepati' within ten years. As his retirement was near, he suddenly experienced debilitating abdominal pain. To his shock, he was diagnosed with stage-3 cancer. 

His dream of early retirement seemed to have been crushed. He and his family would be in big financial trouble now.

1. He took a long break from work, and his income has reduced to zero after a few months.

2. His spouse was under duress, juggling work and caring for Sanchit.

3. Sanchit's Investments were liquidated to cover medical expenses (since his critical illness insurance did not cover stage 3 cancer and term insurance did not cover such expenses)

4. The household expenses took a hit, and most of the money was spent on Sanchit's treatment.

5. Sanchit is five years away from his early retirement and will face an uphill battle if he decides to re-enter the workforce with a significant gap in his employment history. 6. It could take a while for Sanchit to find a job that suits him.

6. It could take a while for Sanchit to find a job that suits him.

Sanchit's medical bills took a huge toll on his savings. His equity, however, helped to cover this cost - compromising his retirement plan in the process.

Had he invested in Max Life Online Term Plan earlier, it could have been possible for Sanchit to both save and retire without making any sacrifices.

What is Max Life Online Term Plan?

Max Life Online Term Plan is a financial protection solution designed to ensure your family's standard of living in the event of disability or critical illness of the breadwinner. All it requires is a nominal premium payment.

Features of the plan

Covers Death, Diseases, and Disability

If you're the financial provider for your family, you may be asking yourself how to face a situation like Sanchit's. Max Life's Online Term Plan provides relief from such worries. It covers death, disability, and fatal diseases, including all stages of cancer.

Cover Duration

You will be provided with cover until the age of 85, and you'll only have to pay until the age of 60.

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind with illness, accident, and disability insurance. Ensure your family's lifestyle won't change if you're gone, with financial security and protection from future complications. You can have confidence that your family's future is safe.

Claim Paid Ratio

Max’s Online Term Plan is renowned for its 99.65% (Source: Individual Death Claim Paid Ratio as per audited financials for FY 2023-2024) successful claims settlement ratio. Consider this when selecting an insurance provider.

The death or illness of the primary breadwinner can destroy a family's lifestyle and future. Max Life Online Term Plan provides essential financial support in such an emergency, including critical illness, making it more cost-effective than relying on health insurance alone. Don't make the mistake Sanchit did; do your research and get the plan that best suits your needs. Max Life's Online Term Plan is renowned for its benefits, features, and affordability.


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