Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

As the leaders in the Life Insurance Industry and the pioneer in launching innovative products & services in the market, Max Life believes that the key differentiators in the highly dynamic business environment are:

Max Life trusts that suppliers play a vital role in enhancing competitive edge and needs its suppliers’ support to surge towards meeting its vision. Supplier Portal has been launched with the objective of providing an on-line access platform to be in touch with Max Life and engage in structural way on a day to day basis.

Here’s all you need to know about Max Life Procurement

Here’s all you need to know about Max Life Procurement

Max Life understands the importance of suppliers to remain competitive in a dynamic business environment. As a step in that direction, Procurement function in Max Life has a mandate to develop supplier relationship to maximize mutual opportunities for growth and sustainability. Procurement department has a team of strategic and operating experts for different business divisions spread across the organization.


At the center of Max Life’s procurement philosophy is partnership and collaboration to create win-win situation. This is reflected in the way people & processes work and the same is expected to be demonstrated by suppliers.

Max Life strives to conduct its business in a manner that reflects its values of Caring, Collaboration, Customer Obsession and Growth mindset. As the sourcing base expands, Max Life will only do business with suppliers who are committed to a long term relationship focusing on mutual growth and trust. Suppliers are individually responsible for ensuring that their employees understand Max Life's values



Regulatory compliance

Suppliers must operate within the boundaries of all applicable laws. They must also adhere to the governing standards of the country. If at any time supplier ceases to meet any statutory and/or other requirement, Max Life reserves the rights to immediately cancel all its outstanding orders and as well as terminate its agreement/Purchase Order..


Max Life will treat information received from suppliers in a responsible manner, and expects suppliers to treat information received from Max Life in the same manner. Suppliers will not use nor permit the use of the Confidential Information or otherwise discuss or make reference in any notice to third parties or in any press release or public announcement or advertisement, without Max Life prior written consent.

Supplier Satisfaction

Max Life believes in fair and transparent treatment with its suppliers and to meet this objective an annual supplier satisfaction survey is conducted every year. Max Life uses it as an important tool to continuously improve and further develop its internal and external processes with suppliers. In order to obtain an unbiased feedback and explore opportunity of process improvisation, the survey would be conducted by an independent authority.

Supplier Disengagement

Max Life reserves the rights to cancel all orders and/or agreement with a supplier in cases where there is an incorrect practice used, code of conduct violation, supplier bankruptcy or insolvency, ownership transfer and/or any other reason deemed fit for disengagement. Max Life follows a structured approach for disengagement to ensure the smooth transitioning where separation becomes inevitable.

Max Life ensures suppliers to get the best payable procedures to ensure invoices are processed effectively. Supplier should ensure to adhere following guidelines issued by Max Life for timely and effective payment.


✓ Partner should submit valid and correct invoices and documents in accordance with agreed terms

✓ Invoice should support verification / support documents for payment processing

✓ Max Life releases the payment as per the agreed payment terms and cycle following the invoice due date

Max Life prefers electronic payment transfer to ensure rapid, timely, and accurate payment to suppliers. For this, suppliers are required to submit the account details at the time of registration and ensuring timely filing of GST or any applicable tax to relevant authority.

Registration Mechanism


This form is an online form, the potential supplier needs to fill this form and submit it along with brief capability of entity, and Provide all the correct and accurate information mentioned in the registration form. Information provided in the form will become the basis for registration of entity but not commit award of business. Procurement will evaluate entities details and its capability for all future references such as maintaining the profile, short- listing for final supplier selection, communication etc.

How to Register

An online supplier registration form has been made available for prospective suppliers to submit their registration requests to Procurement.

Who should Register

Any suppliers, who is looking to engage with Max Life and currently not empaneled, should submit their details using the online form.This form enables Supplier to submit its credentials with Procurement which will be used to short-list profile for future communication.

Supplier registration instruction

  • Supplier to accept mandatory terms on portal and fill out necessary details for profile setup on portal.
  • Mandatory fields are marked as asterisk (*) and should not be left blank.
  • Information on the online registration form will be lost if the window is closed without submission.
  • Registration is only a process for your showing interest in doing business and does not guarantee for business.
  • Supplier will be assigned unique code which will be prompt by portal to access its profile as “New Supplier” every time until Procurement assigns or empanel in P2P system.
  • After evaluation of profile setup on portal, Procurement will contact Supplier as and when any requirement fits to its portfolio for further course of action

For any assistance related to Registration please call Procurement Support helpline (Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM)

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