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Thinking of buying a term policy online ?

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Just a couple of years ago, we shopped in local stores despite long lines and wobbly shopping carts. However, the scenario has now changed. Shopping has now become a game of few clicks.

In fact, it is not only mobiles, clothes, gifts, and groceries that we can buy online nowadays, but also complex financial products like life insurance.

With thorough information available on insurer’s website, it is now possible to evaluate insurance plans and make an informed decision. Today, a lot of people choose to buy and renew their insurance policies online. For example, at the time of renewal of an insurance policy, it is just so convenient to go online, make the payment and save a copy of the e-receipt in the email box or download it on the desktop. It is that simple. There is no more need to chase an agent to get the copy of your policy.

The online mode saves time, effort and money.

Does this mean people are fearless when we talk about the online mode? Sadly, the answer is “No”!

Many people have a fear of buying insurance online, as they are not comfortable with the thought of ‘non-personal’ contact. Let us look at the experience of Vikram who wants to buy an online insurance plan, but is hesitant to go forward with it.

His friend Akhil, who has successfully bought an insurance plan online from Max Life Insurance website, shares his experience and addresses all of Vikram’s doubts and apprehensions.

1.The Dilemma of Online Premium Payment

Vikram: “If I buy an online policy, how do I pay the regular premiums? ”

Akhil: “You can pay premiums online with a few simple steps.”

A quick look at the MaxLife insurance website will take you through the many options available for paying the premium online like instant online payment, payment by phone, or cheque pickup.

Of all the options, it is easiest to use the MaxLife insurance online payment mode due to its interactive and suggestive features. The only thing you need is your policy number or registered mobile number.

You can simply log in with your policy number and follow the instructions, and in a few specified steps, your premium payment is made. Once done, you will instantly receive the premium receipt copy and SMS confirmation. If you wish to make a call, the IVR system on the phone will guide you through different languages and update you with your due date, payment due, and much more.

Vikram: What if I forget to pay one instalment?

Akhil: “It is difficult to forget the renewal of your policy with regular reminders from the insurer.”

If you are an existing customer, premium renewal reminders will be sent via SMS and Email. Thus, make sure that you keep your mobile and e-mail contacts updated with the insurer.

2. You can Always Connect to the Customer Service

Vikram: “Wouldn’t I feel isolated doing everything on my own? What if I am stuck somewhere?” 

Akhil: “You will not feel that you are interacting online in isolation. You can connect with an insurance expert to resolve your queries anytime.”

You can resolve most of your queries by visiting the ‘Customer Services’ link on the website. However, if you need help anywhere, you can connect to an expert through any of the following modes:

  • Call on our Helpline number 1860 120 5577 between 9:00 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday (Except National Holiday)
  • Drop an e-mail on ‘’
  • Or SMS “QUERY” to 5424243

3.  Quick Assistance with Claims Centre

Vikram: “Is there any way I can understand about claim settlement requirements? What if I have any further questions regarding the claim settlement process?”

Akhil: “Any queries related to the claims can be directed to the Claim Centre.”

With MaxLife Claim Centre, there are many ways to sensitise your designated policy nominee on how to file a claim. The claim procedure of Max Life Insurance has been simplified here. You will get ample information about claim settlement, its meaning, and documents required for the same.

Also, the FAQ section will give you further details about the claim form submission or any important information related to claims filing.

Certain things you should note about the claim procedures are:

  • The time window to file the claim
  • The supporting documents required
  • The process of contacting an advisor
  • The time taken to settle a claim
  • The mode of receiving the claim amount
  • The complete benefits accrued on the policy at the time of filing the claim

We are sure that all the points above from Akhil will not only help Vikram but also reduce your anxiety associated with buying life insurance online.

To make the best use of the online platform and have a smooth buying and post-buying experience, there are a few things you need to be cautious about. For example, always retain a copy of the policy document either on your desktop or in printed format. To ensure that the insurance plan meets your requirements, understand the benefits with the help of an expert before buying.

Additionally, the Max Life Insurance website is secured with the highest SSL safety standards (look for https:// in website address). Thus, offering customers a safe online transaction environment.

You can use the website to have an immersive policy experience including online policy buying, online interaction, policy management online, your regular premium payment and even filing a claim (by the nominee as well).

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