Grievance Redressal

Max Life endeavors to resolve all grievances to the satisfaction of the customers. The head office and each branch office of the company have a well-defined process of receiving and registering grievances. We encourage our customers to report to us any grievance or issue that they face regarding their policies or dealings with us.


"Complainant" means a policyholder or prospect or any beneficiary of an insurance policy who has filed a Complaint or Grievance. 

"Complaint" or "Grievance" means written expression (includes communication in the form of electronic mail or other electronic scripts), of dissatisfaction by a Complainant with the Company, distribution channels, intermediaries, insurance intermediaries or other regulated entities involved in insurance sales and services about an action or lack of action about the standard of service or deficiency of service of the Company or its distribution channels, intermediaries, insurance intermediaries or other regulated entities. 

Explanation: An inquiry or request would not fall within the definition of "Complaint" or "Grievance".

Grievance organisation structure

The COO of the Company shall be the Grievance Redressal Officer of the Company at the corporate office, supported by the Head – Customer Services & Operations and shall be the contact person for the Authority. The Grievance Redressal Officer shall have the overall responsibility to ensure that the Grievance redressal procedure is adhered to, along with the reporting of Grievances to the management on monthly and quarterly basis.

In order to effectively address customer Grievances, the Company shall designate the office head in each of its branch offices as the Grievance Officer for the respective office. The office head shall be responsible for receiving and managing Grievances originating from their office. 

The details of the Grievance Officers and Grievance Redressal Officer along with the contact details in full shall be published in the website of the Company. The name and contact details of designated Grievance Officer of respective offices and the Grievance Redressal Officer at corporate office shall also be displayed in the notice board of respective offices. Every office of the Company shall also display in a prominent place, the name, address and other contact details of the insurance ombudsman within whose jurisdiction the office falls.

Process of receiving Grievances

The head office and each branch office of the Company shall have a well-defined process of receiving and registering Grievances. Customers may use any of the following avenues to report Grievances to the Company:

Customer Grievance Redressal Unit

Max Life Insurance Company Limited 
Plot No – 90 A, Sector 18
Udyog Vihar, Gurugram, Haryana
Pin Code – 122015

In case the resolution provided by the Company is not to the satisfaction of the Complainant, the policyholders may register a Complaint in the integrated Grievance management system ("IGMS") of the Authority and track the Complaint online.

Grievance Redressal System

Max Life has a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system for receiving, registering and disposing Grievances. The Company also has in place systems to receive and deal with all kinds of calls, including voice/e-mail relating to grievances from prospects and policyholders. For grievances received via voice calls, the prospects and policyholders shall be requested to make a written Complaint. 

Each Grievance registered in the CRM system shall generate a unique reference number which shall be shared with the Complainant upon registering the Grievance. As per IRDAI's requirement and direction, the CRM shall be integrated with the IGMS of the Authority where Grievances received by Max Life will be reported to IRDAI on a real time basis, along with the generation of an IRDAI token number for each Grievance.

Process and resolution times for Grievance

Grievance acknowledgement: On receipt of a Grievance, the Company shall first assess it on the basis of its merits and nature. Thereafter, the Company shall send an acknowledgement, through SMS or email where available, to the customer within 5 days of the receipt of the Grievance. 

Grievance resolution: The Company shall endeavor to resolve the Grievance within 15 days of its receipt and each redressal or rejection of the issue shall be conveyed vide email or letter, along with reasons. Such communication shall also inform the Complainant about how the customer can pursue the Grievance, if dissatisfied with the resolution provided. 

Max Life shall endeavor to resolve all Grievances to the satisfaction of the customers. As per Regulation 2017, a Grievance shall be considered as disposed of and closed when:

  • Max Life has acceded to the request of the Complainant fully, or
  • The Complainant has indicated in writing, acceptance of the response of the Company, or
  • The Complainant has not responded to the Company within 8 weeks of the Company's written response to the Grievance.

Process of escalation

  • Step 1: In case proposers/ customers do not receive a response within the above mentioned turnaround times from the Company they can escalate the matter to the grievance officer at Max Life: 

    List of Grievance Officers at Branch Offices

  • Step 2: Grievance Officers at Head Offices:



Contact Details

Response Time

Fist Level

Rupande Thanawala

3 days

Second Level

Ashish Sharma

3 days

Third Level


3 days


  • Step 3: Where the Grievance is not resolved in favour of the policyholder or partially resolved in favour of the policyholder, the Company shall also inform the Complainant of the option to take up the matter before Insurance Ombudsman giving details of the name and address of the Ombudsman of competent jurisdiction. The detailed addresses of all the Insurance Ombudsman shall be as mentioned in the policy pack and on the Company's corporate website (List of Insurance Ombudsman).

In case, you are still not satisfied with the resolution provided to you, you can write to the Insurance ombudsman in the formats given below. Send them to your local Insurance ombudsman office.

Annexure VI - Letter to be received from Ombudsman

Annexure VI-A  Complaint Format

Annexure VII-A Consent Letter for Mediation