What Are The Most Common Types Of Cancers

What are the Most Common Types of Cancer?

Understanding cancers with high incidence rates for males & females

Cancer is one of the most threatening terminal illnesses gripping the world today. It manifests when the genes that make new cells start to malfunction, resulting in uncontrollable cell multiplication.

The occurrence and type of cancer is commonly attributed to ethnicity, race, lifestyle, etc.; however, susceptibility to the disease due to gender difference is a lesser addressed aspect.

In males, cancer of the oral cavity and lungs are common, in females, the cervix and breast. Each one warrants a different set of diagnosis and treatment as explained below:

Oral Cavity Cancer

Oral cavity cancer – the most common form (source) – has an incidence rate of 10.9% in Indian men. In this form, cancer can develop in any one of the several cells in the oral cavity, and based on the primary site, the detection and treatment options vary.

Key Causes: Tobacco consumption, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 16

Treatment: Chemotherapy, surgical and even dental interventions based on the stage

Lung Cancer

In the last three decades, lung cancer has become the largest killer and second-most common cancer (9.3%) in men. As it is often identified in advanced stages, the general diagnosis of lung cancer is poor.

Key Causes: Smoking – active and passive

Treatment: New methods such as targeted drugs and immunotherapy are recommended

Cervical Cancer

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. It is one of the most commonly affected cancer sites in women, at an incidence rate of 26.1%. Common symptoms include abnormal bleeding after intercourse, abnormal vaginal discharge, and pelvic pain.

Key Causes: Mostly caused by HPV transmitted during sexual contact; changes in cells caused due to HPV can be detected by regular PAP tests, and timely treatment can prevent them from becoming cancerous.

Treatment: Chemotherapy, radiation, hysterectomy or a combination of these treatments based on the growth

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer accounts for 21% of cancer affecting women, as of 2015. Its signs might include a lump in the breast, change in the shape of the breast or bloody discharge from the nipple.

Key Causes:

Still unknown, though family history is a major risk factor. Healthier lifestyle choices and regular screening (mammogram) can reduce the likelihood of occurrence.


Chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and surgery based on the stage of cancer

Cancer is one of the most expensive diseases to fight. In fact, the cost for it can be so high that most of the savings of an average middle-class household can be wiped away.

In India, the average cost of cancer treatment comes up to Rs. 20-30 lakhs at an average.

Most developed countries offer special cancer health insurance plans to their citizens. However, in India it is far from adequate. Therefore, proactive thinking should persuade you to opt for a comprehensive cancer insurance plan.

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