Max LIfe Fast Track Super

Life is full of uncertainties and finances are not an exception. Keeping money in a savings account seems to be the simplest and safest option, but this approach can restrain us from getting a good return.

Max Life Fast Track Super Plan is one such plan that aims to provide insurance options with a simplistic and safe approach to invest in the market with multiple fund options.


3 reasons you should get this plan

  • Achieve long-term goals while securing your future through a single plan
  • Enjoy market-linked returns by investing in any of the 6 fund options
  • Get additional loyalty rewards for staying invested

What do I get with this plan?

What do I get with this plan?

Here’s all you need to know about this plan

Here’s all you need to know about this plan

Insert Image Maturity Benefit

Amount payable at the end of the policy term.

As Fast Track Super is a Unit-linked plan, your maturity amount will be equal to the total value of the policy, called as fund value* on the date when your policy matures. Further, instead of receiving this amount as a lump sum, you can also choose to convert it into a monthly income under the settlement option.

Insert Image Death Benefit

Amount payable on the death of the policyholder

In the event of the death of the person insured; the nominee will receive the highest of the following sums:

1. Sum Assured

2. Fund Value (as on the Date of Death)

3. 105% of all premiums paid

Insert Image Tax Benefit

Get tax benefits under Section 80C, 80D, 80DD, 10(10D) as per prevailing tax laws

You may be entitled to certain applicable tax benefits on your premiums and policy benefits; however, you are advised to check prevailing government norms for determining your tax exemptions

Insert Image Different Life Cover Values

You can achieve your financial goals with different life cover options available under this policy

We have fixed, minimum, and maximum sum assured (life cover) values depending on the Policy Term (10 or 20 years) and Premium Payment Term, which you can choose according to your convenience and needs. The following table lists these values:


Fixed Sum Assured

 Single Pay**

1.25 times Single Premium

5 Pay**

10 times Annualized Premium

Regular Pay**

10 times Annualized Premium

Minimum Fixed Sum Assured

Single Pay

Rs. 125,000

5 Pay

Rs. 500,000

Regular Pay

Rs. 250,000

Maximum Fixed Sum Assured

No Limit, subject to underwriting

Insert Image Guaranteed Loyalty Additions

Additional benefits paid annually in the form of units starting from 11th policy year

If you choose the Regular Pay option for premium payment, 0.30% of Fund Value shall be added to your fund by the creation of additional units, at the end of every policy year starting from 11th policy year. The loyalty additions increase by 0.02% (absolute) each year thereafter. The additional units shall be created in different funds in proportion of Fund Value at the time of credit. In case of revival of policies, the loyalty additions for previous years will be paid based on the Fund Value prevailing at the revival date.

*Fund Value = Summation of [Accumulated Units in Fund(s) x NAV of respective Fund(s) as on the Maturity Date]

Note: In case the Maturity Date is a non-working day for the Company or markets then next working day’s NAV will be applicable.

NAV (Net Asset Value) of a ULIP is the total value of its holdings in the market on any given day (it is calculated on daily basis). The value of NAV is dependent on the value of the fund. As the value of fund changes according to market conditions, the NAV value changes. You can check your fund and NAV performance here.

**Single Pay, 5 Pay, Regular Pay - are the three Premium Payment Term (the period for which you will invest in this policy) options available under this policy. More details are available under the Premium Payment Options.

Let’s look at some examples - Below mentioned premium rates and benefits are assumed for a Standard Life, Male



Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Age of Life Insured (years)




Premium Payment Term (years)




Policy Term (years)




Annualised Premium

Rs. 150,000

Rs. 75,000

Rs. 40,000

Maturity Value (@4%)*

Rs. 171,107

Rs. 386,734

Rs. 998,765

Maturity Value (@8%)*

Rs. 253,651

Rs. 534,657

Rs. 1,573,007


        *Annualised Premium includes extra premium (if any) but excludes all applicable taxes, cesses and levies as imposed by the Government as well as any loadings for modal                premiums and remains same irrespective of the premium payment mode

        *Please note that the above-assumed rates of return, 4% and 8%, are only scenarios at these rates after recovering all applicable charges. These are not guaranteed and they             are not the upper or lower limits of returns of the Funds selected in your policy, as the performance of the Funds is dependent on a number of factors including future                         investment performance.



Age at Entry (Age as on last birthday)

Minimum Entry Age

91 days

Maximum Entry Age - 5 Pay and Single Pay

60 years

Maximum Entry Age -  Regular Pay

50 years

Maximum Maturity Age (Age as on last birthday)

70 years

Below are the different fund options available for investment:

Fund Name

Nature of Fund





Money Market

& Cash Instruments

Equity & Equity

related securities

Risk Rating

High Growth Fund

(SFIN: ULIF01311/02/08LIFEHIGHGR104)

An open ended equity
multicap fund with focus on midcaps





Very High

Growth Super Fund

(SFIN: ULIF01108/02/


An open ended equity fund
with focus on large caps






Growth Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00125/06/


An open ended hybrid fund with equity portion
focused on large caps






Balanced Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00225/06/


An open ended hybrid fund investing in a mixture
of debt instruments and equities






Conservative Fund

(SFIN: ULIF00325/06/


An open ended hybrid fund investing
predominantly in debt instruments






Secure Fund (SFIN: ULIF00425/06/


An open ended debt fund
which invests across duration






Secure Plus Fund (SFIN: ULIF01628/04/


(Available with Systematic Transfer Plan only)

An open ended debt fund
which invests across duration






You can use any of these two investment strategies:

Systematic  Transfer Plan


An investment strategy that helps you regularly transfer a fixed or variable part of your invested amount into other funds.
Under this option, your total annual premium (excluding any tax)  or Single Premium shall be allocated first to the ‘Secure Plus Fund’ to purchase Units. Immediately thereafter and on each subsequent monthly anniversary, Fund Value of [1 / (13 - month number in the policy year)] of the Units available at the beginning of the month shall be switched to “Growth Super Fund” automatically by canceling Units in the Secure Plus Fund, and purchasing Units in the Growth Super Fund. It is available with Single Pay and Annual Premium Payment Mode in 5 Pay and Regular Pay.

Dynamic Fund Allocation


An investment strategy that invests in equity oriented funds in earlier part of the policy term and later shifts to funds with lower risks (also called conservative funds) as the policy term progresses. You can opt for Dynamic Fund Allocation option only at the inception of policy.
Under this option, the total market value of your assets (also referred as Assets Under Management) shall be maintained between Growth Super Fund and Secure Fund in a predefined proportion that changes depending upon the years left to maturity.

Single Pay, 5 Pay, Regular Pay - are the three Premium Payment Term (the period for which you will invest in this policy) options available under this policy. The policy will remain in force for 10 years or 20 years depending on the option you choose. Further, within the premium payment term, you can choose to pay on Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, and Monthly basis.


Payment Term




Annualized Premium


Annualized Premium

Single Pay

10 Years

Rs. 1,00,000

No Limit, subject to underwriting,

as per the Board approved
underwriting policy of the company

5 Pay

10 Years

Rs. 50, 000

Regular Pay

20 Years

Rs. 25, 000

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"Most of the people choose ULIP plans for long-term savings."

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Why Choose Max Life

Here are some of the numbers which speak about our accomplishments

Why Choose Max Life

Here are some of the numbers which speak about our accomplishments
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Max Life Presence

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239 Offices

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₹7,03,972 Cr.

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Assets Under Management

₹62,798 Cr.

₹62,798 Cr.

(Source : Public disclosure FY18-19)

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