✅ Will my policy include COVID-19 claims?

For all death claims including term plans- Death claims caused due to COVID-19 are covered as per policy contract T&C. There is no such exclusion in policy contract.

For Critical Illness Rider/ Dread Disease Rider/ WOP Riders- These riders cover specified illnesses and COVID-19 is not included in the list. Hence claims for these specific riders will not be admissible.

Hospitalization benefit claim under Medicash/Medicash Plus/Healthy Family Floater plans- Hospitalization claims due to COVID-19 will be admissible as per applicable policy contract T&C.

Please note, all claims will be subject to our existing claim assessment practices.  

✅ How would I intimate claims during this lockdown period due to COVID 19 ?

During this Nationwide lockdown, we are accepting Claim intimations through email. Click to know about the documentation required and send the claim documents via email at Since all courier services/postal services are impacted, we will be sharing all communications through SMS and email to keep you updated on the status of your claim.

✅ What will happen to the claims already intimated and not decisioned yet ?

We are in the process of settling all the claims already intimated to us. In case of any queries, please write to us at

✅  How would I know claims status?

You can check the status of your claim in the Customer Service section on our website. To check, click Alternatively, email us at 

✅  Why is it essential to submit all the records / documents as required by the company?

All claims are examined and settled by the company on the basis of information present in documents submitted by you in connection with the claim. It is advisable to provide complete information to us for faster and smoother claims processing.

My premium payment is due in the month of Mar’20, is there an extension to the Grace period ?
For premiums due in the month of Mar’20, the grace period has been extended by 30 days 
I cannot go out of my home due to the COVID-19 lockdown in my city, how do I get servicing done on my Max Life policy?
We encourage you to connect with us through our digital platforms from the safety and comfort of your home. For any Max Life related queries or servicing, we are available to you 24*7, through our range of digital servicing solutions. Click to know more.
Are Max Life offices in my city open?
We are closed on account of recent directive of Nationwide lockdown by the Government. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and to prevent further outbreak of COVID-19. 
Where can I pay my policy premium?
You can pay your premium online through our website. Click to pay now. To view the list of other premium payment options click
Where can I get policy related statements like premium receipts, statements etc.?
You can download the premium receipt, statements etc. by clicking on

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Latest Communication from Max Life

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