Secure your Family's Future With Our 10/10 Term Insurance Plan

10 reasons to buy this online term plan

Pay Till Age 60. Get Cover upto Age 85

Save on total premiums too. On additional premium.

3D Benefit - Cover Death, Disease & Disability

Comprehensive coverage from three major life risks. With additional rider.

98.26% Individual Death Claims Paid

Src: Max Life Public Disclosure FY 2017-18

40 critical illnesses covered

Accelerated Lumpsum benefit paid on diagnosis of any one of the 40 critical illnesses. On additional premium.

Increase Cover as life stage changes

When you get married, have a child or take a home loan. On additional premium.

Additional cover in case of accidental death/ disability

With Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider (UIN -104B025V02).

You should buy this term insurance plan if:
  • You are the sole breadwinner of your family
  • You are servicing a loan or have any financial liabilities
  • You are a young parent
Assurance of Protection
  • With a Claim Paid Ratio of 97.81% (Src: IRDAI Annual Report FY 2016-17), so that your loved ones are in safe hands

Max Life: The company you trust

individual death claims paid in FY'16;

we honour all valid claims (Src: IRDAI Annual Report FY 2016-17)

worth of company financial assets (till FY17)

which is 24% increase over last year FY16 (Src: Public Disclosure, FY2016-17)

total sum assured in force, till FY'17

with 24% increase over FY16 (Src: Public Disclosure, FY16-17)

*On payment of additional premium    #For Male, 35-Year Old, Non-Smoker, Rs.1 Cr. Sum Assured (35 Years Regular Pay Policy Term vs Pay till 60 with 25 year Policy Term)