Looking for an affordable & simple Life Insurance Plan? Explore the most suitable Term Insurance Plan based on your life-stage and family's financial needs



Is it okay to buy Term Insurance online?

  • No need to go to a branch to pay premiums
  • Service support available through the purchase process
  • Quick access to documents & formalities for claims

Features of Term Plan you may not know!

  • Choice to pay premium only for working years
  • Flexibility of monthly & lumpsum payouts
  • Option to increase cover at changing life stages

How to choose the best Term Plan for yourself?

  • Understand & take stock of your life stage
  • Take stock of your family's current financial needs
  • Keep future costs in consideration while calculating needs

Can't decide whether you should buy a Term Plan?

Can't decide whether you should buy a Term Plan?

Is your cover keeping pace with your annual pay hikes?

It’s Saturday evening and the mood is just right for celebration for your recent pay hike. Friends are set to arrive any moment and you have got everything ready be it food, beverages and music. You keep asking yourself “Have I missed something?” even as you double check on your “to-do” list. Unknown to you, there is one very important item that you have missed out in the lead up to the party.

Home loan with/without Term Insurance?

The dream of providing a home to your family can come crashing down if we are unable to repay the home loan.

Find answers to top 3 Term Plan myths

Term Insurance is easy to understand and affordable. It offers a large sum assured at a relatively low premium. Let us debunk some of the common myths around this insurance plan.

Why market investments may not be enough to protect family's future

Just in case you think that having ample savings and investments is the answer, you need to think again. Without adequate life insurance from a life insurance policy, your family remains financially vulnerable despite great investments.

Is term insurance an investment or an expense

A husband & his wife are discussing their financial plans. While he is convinced about buying a term plan, the wife is not sure as to why a term insurance is required. She sees it as an unnecessary expense, especially because there is no maturity benefit. Let us see how the discussion pans out.

Running out of gift ideas for your spouse?

The ring, the pearls, the latest perfume or tickets for a great vacation, you too would have tried out various things. But what if we tell you of an expression of love that would remain untouched by the ravages of time?

Handle life's bouncers with a Term Plan

Life is a wonderful experience, filled with beautiful memories. From the time you arrive in the world, till you bid it farewell, your journey is one of many ups and downs. Do not let your happiness be dictated by life’s uncertainties. Understand how.

Insurance lessons from cricket game!

The game of 22 yards can teach you multiple value life lessons which can also be extrapolated to the life insurance investments. Read on.

Are you a health enthusiast?

There are more similarities between healthy living and wealth than just one supporting the other.

Should you buy a Term Plan online?

Should you buy a Term Plan online?

8 reasons to buy insurance online!

There has been a major surge of e-commerce business in India, and the life insurance sector is part of the wave. Various insurers sell term insurance plans online and there are many reasons to consider an online purchase such as lower premiums, ease of comparison, flexibility to purchase at any time etc. Read on to find more...

Solving 5 myths of Online Term Plan purchase

When it comes to buying term life insurance online, people have certain myths that make them reluctant. Let’s attempt to answer some of them.

Online vs offline Term Plan purchase

Term Plans can be bought offline as well as Online. These vary in their price by a certain margin, and most people aren’t sure whether to go for an online or an offline Term Plan. Let's try to resolve some of the confusion and help you make a better decision based on your choice.

Top 5 benefits of Term Life Insurance

If you think term insurance is a ‘waste of money’, think again, is too complex to buy. Read on to understand more..

Term Insurance may be cheaper than you think!

Drawing parallels with life insurance, ask those families who have lost their loved ones and received life insurance payouts as death benefits. Their stories are those of survival and how timely financial planning by the deceased helped steady their finances in a moment of grief. They wouldn’t label insurance as an expense, rather an ‘investment’. Here are a few facts that will help understand what makes online term plans affordable.

Answer top FAQs about Term Insurance

Despite term insurance being the most affordable form of life insurance, many questions arise in the minds of the buyers about its features and benefits. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions, answered.

How to buy Term Insurance Online?

Traditionally, buying insurance involved a lot of paperwork and was a tiring process. However, the Internet has made things easier, and it is now possible to buy term insurance plans at a click of a few buttons. Speed, efficiency, savings, and peace of mind are some of the many benefits of buying online.

Make a Term plan choice based on your life stage

Make a Term plan choice based on your life stage

Is Term Insurance Plan relevant for me?

Are you servicing a loan? Are you the only breadwinner for your family? Are you looking for a higher insurance cover for a good price?

4 reasons singles should consider Term Plan

Most people have the opinion that insurance plans are only meant for married people. This thought is attributed to the fact that only after getting married, you need better financial management. It’s true that marriage brings a lot of responsibilities in the form of the spouse and eventually, children but there are enough reasons to buy term insurance even if you are unmarried. Let’s discuss them.

What is the right age to buy Term Plan?

If you are wondering about when is the Right age to buy a term insurance policy’, read on to learn what is the best suited to your specific needs.

Why buying a Term Plan at 40 is a great idea!

If you are no longer around, how will your family cope with the bills? Let's face it, while we do our best to ensure that our family has all the material comforts, most of these plans rally around 'you' as an individual life. But Life is Uncertain.

How to tell you wife you love her?

You always ask me what is it that I love about you, I may have always found it difficult to pin-point specifics, but today as I express myself to you, let me try.

Which Term Plan will suit me best?

Throughout our life, we play different roles for our family. Through it all, you need a support system to ensure that your family's financial needs are taken care of; whether your are around, or not.

Should i buy a Term Plan after 50?

Does your family have loans/bills that are dependent on you? Considering the cost will be high as you are nearing retirement age, let us look at situations wherein you may consider Term Plan as a good investment at this age..

5 crucial life events to reconsider life cover

You have a term insurance cover? Great! You have secured your loved ones against an unfortunate event,but when was the last time you revisited it? Do you think this old term insurance plan still protecting your family adequately?

Why Term Insurance is a must have for parents?

The transition of a couple from husband and wife to father and mother exponentially increases their financial responsibilities. This is because they would need to provide for their child's many needs, including healthcare, education, lifestyle, career, and so on. How can a Term Plan help you in all this? Find out.

Secure your child's future, with or without you

What if fate were to suddenly snatch you from your child’s world? Who will then provide your child with what he/she needs and deserves? Thankfully, your child’s future and dreams can remain secure and unhampered due to financial constraints, even in your absence. Here’s how.

Things to understand about a Term Insurance Plan

Things to understand about a Term Insurance Plan

Everything you need to know about a Term Plan

What is a Term Plan? Why should I buy it? How expensive are these plans? How do I get started? Can I buy a Term Plan online?

What should be the duration of my Term Plan?

The two key factors to consider, while buying term insurance are the cover amount (sum assured) you require and the duration of the plan (tenure).

How to compare Term Insurance Plans?

Term Plans are one of the most popular life insurance plans due to their simple product offering at an affordable cost. You get a sizable life cover (sum assured) at a relatively small premium. Here are a few key factors you must consider while comparing term insurance plans available in the market.

Why is a medical test important for a Term Plan?

While you’d think that it is convenient to buy an insurance policy that doesn’t require a prior medical test, it may not always be as the best way forward. Read on to understand why.

4 things to consider before buying Term Plan

Buying a Term Insurance can be much easier if planned well. Here's listing down 4 things you may want to keep in mind as you decide on a particular insurer.

How to reduce Term Plan premium?

There are several methods to go about this such as starting early, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, opting for annual payments etc...

How to evaluate a Term Insurance quote?

Term insurance is a great financial protection tool. It is easy to understand and highly cost-effective. When you opt for a term insurance plan, you receive a quote that has various components corresponding to the type of coverage and options you have chosen, while some other are statutory additions. Let us learn more.

6 tips to choosing your Term Plan

When it comes to taking the final step of purchasing a term plan, most of us are often confused about the amount of life cover to opt for, policy period, which insurer, and what plan to buy? To help you make an informed decision, here are a few tips.

Read about Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

Read about Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

Top 11 Max Life Online Term Plan features

The Max Life Online Term PlanPlus is an online term insurance plan, through which you can secure your family's financial future, in the event of your early death. The plan has many features that include..

Understand the Term Plan payout options

The Max Life Online Term Plan Plus is an affordable term insurance plan available online, with three death benefit options – Basic Life Cover, Life Cover + Monthly Income and Life Cover + Increasing Monthly Income. Apart from the base variant, the other two variants offer monthly income benefits which are over and above the lumpsum Sum Assured payable on demise of Life Insured.

List of cities where OTP+ can be bought

You can apply for Max Life Online Term Plan Plus if you are a resident of the following cities.

5 things to follow while buying a Term Plan

Want to buy a term plan but not sure what to do next? Begin with financial assessment

Tax savings & riders with Term Plans

Tax savings & riders with Term Plans

Tax benefits of a Term Plan

Save tax under Sections 80C, 80D & 10D. Term Plan is a pure protection plan with assured life cover and no maturity benefits.

Why add a rider to a Term Plan?

Maximize your insurance protection with cost-effective riders. Based on your specific needs, insurance plans can be customized with add-ons called ‘riders’. It is an additional feature that is purchased along with the basic policy.

Which riders are available with a Term Plan?

Online term life insurance plans have multiple riders you can choose from. The type of riders varies from company to company and policy to policy.

Read more about Term Plans

Read more about Term Plans

Difference between Term & Whole Life Insurance

Amongst the many kinds of life insurance plans available, term insurance and whole life insurance offer the most basic and comprehensive life insurance coverage respectively. Let us learn about their distinct features and benefits so that you can identify the best fit.

Benefits of Group Term Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance Plans, as the name suggests, are designed to offer life insurance to a group of people under a single policy. Read on to find details of coverage..

Make sure your Term Plan claim isn't rejected

Key factors to keep in mind to avoid getting Term Insurance claims rejected by an insurer. Ensure your family gets the protection you planned for them.

Explore our Term Insurance videos

Explore our Term Insurance videos

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